The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Live Analysis, Jericho’s Big Return, Part-Time Schedules in WWE, More!

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Block 3:

A listener calls into the show and says that he was very surprised with Chris Jericho’s return last night. Taz says he wasn’t that surprised at all, because the announcers haven’t stopped talking about Jericho since he left a couple of months ago. Much like Cena’s last couple of departures, it feels like Jericho was only gone for a few weeks so it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal that he’s back. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see him back on WWE programming and he thought the Triple Threat main event was very good.

Taz comments on A.J. Styles’ United States Championship win. He says that the Title change obviously got a great reaction, and he thought it was very creative booking to have the babyface steal the win from the heel which was cool. However, he thinks that WWE needs to be careful not to play hot potato with the Title, and he thinks Styles needs to hold onto it for a while now.

Taz says that quite frankly, Lana can’t work. He’s been trying to give her a chance since her in-ring debut against Naomi a few weeks ago, but it’s fairly evident that she shouldn’t be wrestling on television. At one point during the tag team match last night JBL even explained that Lana is inconsistent in the ring, and Taz believes JBL was produced to say that.

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