The Taz Show Recap – Battleground Analysis, Great Khali Returns, Did the Right Match Start the Show? More!

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Block 2:

Continuing his thoughts from segment one, Taz believes that WWE made a mistake by having the Tag Team Championship match open the show last night. He thought the show should have started with Nakamura versus Corbin. He says that the opening slot on a PPV is great as a talent, but the second slot is not where you want to be at all.

Taz isn’t sure what WWE is doing with Nakamura right now, because he certainly doesn’t appear to be presented as a main event talent. He admits that Nakamura might still be in the building stage on WWE’s main roster, but they need to be careful as to not ruin what made Nakamura feel special throughout his entire career all over the world.

He also points out that during Nakamura’s entrance last night, JBL compared the feeling in the arena to that of when The Undertaker makes his entrance. Taz thinks that although it’s JBL’s job to convey those types of messages to the audience watching at home, he and WWE need to be careful when comparing anybody to a legend like The Undertaker.

A listener calls into the show and says that he wasn’t happy with last night’s PPV at all, and apart from the tag team match, all the competitors were ‘just going through the motions’. Taz says that he hates when people use that phrase, because professional wrestlers at that level always give their all. Some shows mightn’t ‘click’ and sometimes chemistry is an issue between two performers, but these guys and girls always give it their all in the ring.

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