WWE Battleground Results – 23 July 2017

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The Punjabi Prison starts to lower around the ring and we get the video package for the main event!

WWE Championship

Punjabi Prison Match

(C) Jinder Mahal Vs. Randy Orton

We get ring introductions and it’s a big fight feel! There’s even a faint Maharaka chant from the Philly crowd!

The bell rings and Orton goes after Mahal right away throwing right hands. It’s really hard to see through the structure. Mahal drops Orton with an elbow and calls for the door to be opened. Mahal has 60 seconds and Orton cuts him off. Orton is now trying to escape and Mahal cuts him off. Orton sends Mahal face first into the bamboo wall. Mahal is holding the ankle of Orton to prevent him from crawling out. Time expires and it closes. That door is now shut for good with three doors remaining.

Mahal is working over the left arm of Orton dropping knees. Mahal keeps working the left arm of Orton applying pressure. Mahal calls for the second door to be opened. Orton with a fallaway slam on Mahal as the time expires. Orton is kicking the face and chest of Mahal. Orton is holding the ropes. Mahal lifts up Orton and slams him back down hard. Mahal is going for the door and Orton cuts him off. Time expires and the door is now locked.

Orton sends Mahal face first into the bamboo again inside the ring. Mahal jumps up on the bamboo wall and begins climbing. Orton jumps up to cut him off. Orton pulls away at the leg of Mahal and Mahal crotches himself on the top rope. Orton tosses Mahal back first against the bamboo wall. Mahal avoids Orton’s DDT through the ropes and instead tosses Orton back first into the bamboo wall. Mahal with jumping forearms to Orton.

Orton fires back with a suplex on Mahal into the wall of the bamboo wall. Orton with a second suplex on Mahal into the bamboo wall. Orton is calling for the third door to be opened. Time expires as he throws elbows and right hands to Mahal. Orton is applying a sleeper on Mahal to try and keep Mahal from crawling through the open door. Orton with an uppercut that drops Mahal. Jinder cuts off Orton from crawling out and once again the time expires. The third door is now locked!

Orton and Mahal are staring each other down. Philadelphia crowd is getting a bit hostile. Orton catches Mahal with a powerslam favoring his left shoulder. Orton with his DDT off the ropes on Mahal. Mahal with a jumping knee countering an RKO attempt by Orton. The fourth door is now open and time is expiring. Orton counters Mahal and connects with an RKO out of nowhere. The Singh Brothers crawl out from under the ring and pull Mahal out of the ring! Time expires and the door must be closed and locked.

Orton is climbing up the first bamboo wall, while Mahal is climbing the second bamboo wall that leads to the floor. Orton climbs over and reaches the outer structure with Mahal. Mahal and Orton are exchanging headbutts. Orton with more headbutts landing and sending Mahal face first into the bamboo wall structure. Mahal falls off the structure. The Singh Brothers are grabbing Orton and pulling him down. They get Orton down and stomp away at Orton. Mahal with a big kick to the face of Orton with help from The Singh Brothers.

Mahal is climbing up the bamboo wall. The Singh Brothers are holding Orton back. Orton is fighting them off including a big suplex to one brother on the floor. Orton hooks the ankle of Mahal on the wall pulling him down. Orton sends Mahal shoulder first into the wall. He grabs another Singh brother and hits a suplex to the floor. Orton then launches the other brother into the bamboo wall. Mahal suddenly has a Kendo stick and starts cracking it against the back of Orton!

Randy creates some distance by ramming Jinder back-first into the wall. Orton grabs the Kendo stick and starts cracking it across the arm and back of Mahal. Orton cracks away at The Singh Brothers at ringside as well when they run up. We can see the marks on Orton’s back from the kendo stick. One of the Singh Brothers crawls up on the other side of the wall and is trying to contain Orton. Orton with right hands. Orton with a third right and the brother falls off the wall crashing through an announce table below!

Orton is kicking away at Mahal who is now up on the bamboo wall. Orton with headbutts to Mahal. They drop back down near the wall. Orton with a DDT to Mahal on the floor. Orton finds a steel chair under the ring. He cracks it over the back of the other Singh brother still at ringside. Orton hits Mahal in the gut and then over the back with the steel chair. Orton is climbing up the bamboo wall facing the entrance ramp when the other Singh brother tries to cut him off. Orton kicks him away.

Orton is climbing up the wall when Jinder Mahal’s music plays. The Great Khali walks out! Khali walks up to the wall and starts shaking it. Orton is hanging on. Khali climbs up the wall and starts choking Orton. Orton struggles and Jinder starts climbing alongside him. Jinder shouts at Randy before climbing up the Prison and down the other side to win the match and retain the WWE Championship!

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Jinder and Khali celebrate as they walk up the ramp. Orton is laid out ringside and that’s it for WWE Battleground!

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