WWE Battleground Results – 23 July 2017

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Backstage, Jinder Mahal is with The Singh Brothers. Mahal says he will make sure the Punjabi Prison is the final resting place of Randy Orton’s legacy.

We see the video of John Cena’s return which was interrupted by the return of Rusev! The Bulgarian Brute is out first and we see the flag platforms on the stage, in which either man must plan their flag to win.

Flag Match

(USA) John Cena Vs. (Bulgaria) Rusev

The bell rings and the two men stare at each other. Rusev feigns a lock-up and runs to the corner to grab his flag but John pulls him back down and into a headlock. Rusev punches Cena and runs to the corner again but history repeats itself and Cena grabs him for a headlock.

Rusev goes back up the ropes and Cena climbs up with him to unleash a bulldog from the top rope! Cena goes to his corner and starts climbing but Rusev grabs him from behind and lands an electric chair drop. Rusev kicks Cena as he lays on his knees. Rusev beats Cena down in the USA corner.

Rusev remains in control and beats Cena around the ring. Rusev taunts Cena and takes him back to his corner where he bangs his head on the turnbuckle before hitting a splash in the corner. Rusev goes back to his corner where Cena grabs him, but Rusev jumps off of the ropes and punches Cena. Again Rusev takes control and lands a DDT on John as the fans boo.

Rusev picks Cena up and punches him. Cena then ducks Rusev and hits two running shoulders, a back drop, and finishes with a Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena looks for an Attitude Adjustment but Rusev climbs down and hits a Spinebuster. Rusev throws Cena from the ring and starts climbing to get his flag. Cena climbs the apron and then the ropes where he fights Rusev until he falls down. Cena looks for the Fameasser on Rusev but gets caught with a botched powerbomb!

Rusev grabs his flag and waves it around before slowly climbing down. Rusev is hit with a dropkick from Cena almost immediately, then John lands an Attitude Adjustment. Cena climbs the ropes to grab the USA flag but Rusev grabs him in a powerbomb position. Before Rusev can land the powerbomb, Cena rolls down with a roll-up and into the STF. There’s no pinfalls or submissions, so Cena holds the move until Rusev passes out. Cena then climbs the ropes and grabs his flag!

Cena descends from the ropes and turns around into a superkick and both men are down and so are their flags. Rusev comes to and grabs the Bulgarian flag. Rusev walks around the ring to the ramp side where Cena leaps off the apron and onto him. Cena tosses Rusev into the steel steps before sliding back inside and grabbing Old Glory! Cena leaves the ring and Rusev is still down by the steps.

Cena slowly walks up the ramp with the flag but Rusev attacks him from behind and takes him back ringside, where he hits him against the steps. Cena starts crawling away but Rusev hits him with the steps. Rusev picks-up his flag and starts walking up the ramp. Cena grabs the leg of Rusev as he walks past. Cena jumps up and they brawl and move up the ramp. Cena bounces Rusev off of the LED wall, then runs and jumps off of the pedestal but Rusev catches him and lands a Fallaway Slam!

Rusev looks for his flag but stops and grabs a table from the side of the stage. Rusev sets the table up near the pedestal, then he grabs another and sets it beside the other. Cena is crawling away but Rusev grabs him and bangs his head off of the American podium. Rusev drags Cena up the steps and taunts Cena with a You Can’t See Me chant, then looks to hit an AA on Cena through the tables but Cena climbs down and pushes Rusev off. Cena walks down the ramp and grabs the US flag but Rusev meets him on the ramp and they knock each other down!

Cena crawls up the ramp and up the steps of the US podium but Rusev crawls up the other side and grabs the stand that Cena needs to put the flag into! Rusev hit Cena with the stand before applying The Accolade until Cena fades out. Rusev walks down the ramp and grabs the Bulgarian flag. Rusev slowly walks back up the ramp and up the steps of his podium. Rusev looks to plant the flag but Cena grabs it at the last second. Rusev knocks him down and looks for The Accolade again but Cena stands up and switches to an AA with Rusev on his shoulders. Cena climbs the US podium and throws him off and through the tables below! Cena goes and grabs the flag and plants it in the stand to win!

Winner: John Cena

A decent match considering the stipulation but I think JBL speaks in hyperbole when he called it “the greatest achievement in Cena’s career”. Cena salutes Old Glory before leaving.

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