WWE Battleground Results – 23 July 2017

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Kick-Off Show

The Battleground Kick-Off Show begins with Renee Young reminding us that this is the final stop before SummerSlam, and then introduces us to Sam Roberts, David Otunga, and Jerry Lawler. The panel talk about being in Philadelphia and Lawler says it’s the only crowd he’s ever seen boo Santa Claus. We see Kayla Braxton in the Social Media Lounge and she will be joined later by Maria and Mike Kanellis.

We see highlights of both John Cena and Rusev’s returns, which led to their upcoming Flag Match tonight! Charly Caruso is backstage with John Cena and she asks if he is ready. Cena reminds us of the rules of the match and says it’s an unpredictable match. He says everyone comes to WWE and be the best, and he’s no different. He says he asked what we will remember about tonight and he says it will be either the American flag flying high, or him lying in defeat. And he couldn’t stand in the ring with pride if he lost, so you’re damn right he’s ready. We return to the panel and they discuss Cena’s patriotism. The fans in Philly are arguing whether Cena sucks or not. Sam Roberts says Cena isn’t a full-time Superstar and so everytime he steps in the ring he has to prove himself and defend his legacy. Lawler and Roberts says Cena will win but Otunga says Rusev is too hungry.

We get a video package for the Women’s Five-Way Elimination Match before rejoining the panel, and Carmella has joined the preceding. Renee says that Carmella holds the briefcase but she currently doesn’t have a match for SummerSlam, to which Carmella says she very well could have a match because she could be Champion. They ask if she were Champion come SummerSlam, who would she wanna face from tonight’s match. Carmella says that all the women tonight are very talented but she’s beat them all twice. The fans are very loud and the panel are getting crowded out but Carmella holds up her briefcase and tears them a new one. Sam asks how Carmella feels about the threat of the “greatest female Superstar of all-time”, Charlotte, to which Carmella says Charlotte is a Queen but Queens are old and she’s the hot princess.

We see a quick video of AJ Styles throwing the first pitch at the Phillies game today! We get the video package for the match between Styles and Owens, and AJ winning the US title at Madison Square Garden! AJ is backstage with Charly Caruso and she reminds him that Owens says he will humiliate him tonight. AJ says Owens likes to run his mouth and he’s been very quiet since he lost his title. AJ says that the US Championship represents America and the workhorse of WWE and until someone displaces him, he will remain the Champion. We then see Kevin Owens backstage watching AJ’s interview on a monitor, and Tom Phillips asks for a reaction. Owens says he is the best and everybody knows he is the best, which is why he doesn’t feel the need to say it all the time. Owens says tonight he will take his title back and AJ can keep saying he’s not man enough if he wants but he’s Canadian and that proves he’s more manly.

Back with the panel and Renee asks about what Owens says. Lawler says a lot of guys say they are the best but Owens believes it and could be. Otunga says AJ is in the exact same position and both guys can do anything in the ring. Sam says he interviewed AJ the day he won the US title and you can tell he lives and breathes WWE. He says AJ said that only WWE Superstar’s get to wrestle at MSG and he’s proud to be a part of it. Sam reckons AJ will win tonight because it means so much to him and the panel agrees.

We’re in the Social Media Lounge with Maria and Mike Kanellis. Kayla Braxton asks when we will see Maria in the ring again, to which she says she already is in the ring. Maria says she does everything she can to help her man and that makes her a harder worker than every other woman in WWE. Mike is asked what his strategy is and he says he will say this; his strategy is to punch Sami Zayn in the face. Someone on Twitter asks how they can find similar love, to which Maria says you just know when you see those eyes. Unfortunately though, there’s only one Mike Kanellis and so that won’t happen for any woman. And there’s only one of her, so no man will ever find such love. Kayla wishes Mike luck but he says he doesn’t need it because he has love.

The panel runs down the entire card tonight and it’s time for some in-ring action. Aiden English is in the ring and starts to sing his introduction.

Aiden English Vs. Tye Dillinger

English and Dillinger lock up before English takes Dillinger down with a shoulder charge and bows to the fans who replies with a chorus of boos.

Dillinger hits multiple arm-drags before taunting English with his 10 chant. Dillinger follows it up by bouncing off the turnbuckle and taking English down with a clothesline before stomping a mudhole into him. English replies with a nasty boot to the side of the head. He has Dillinger where he wants him and hits him with a running splash into the corner as we head to a commercial break.

We’re back from the break and English is driving his knee into Dillinger’s back. He then locks in a standing headlock as Dillinger drops to his knees. As Dillinger looks like he’s starting to fade, the fans get behind him and will him on to his feet. Dillinger backs English into the corner to break the hold. English climbs onto the top rope to regain his upper hand but Dillinger catches him with a dropkick followed by a clothesline.

Tye exposes his knee to set up the Tye Breaker but English leaves the ring. Dillinger follows him out but English catches him with a cheapshot and rolls him into the ring. Dillinger hits English with a spinebuster when English gets back into the ring and earns a near-fall! Dillinger looks to hit the Tye Breaker again but English hangs on to the ropes. He hits Dillinger with a Faceplant DDT and Dillinger kicks out at the last second.

English now looks to hit the Tye Breaker but Dillinger gets out of it and the two trade quick pinning attempts. English hits Dillinger with a modified Full Nelson Slam for the win!

Winner: Aiden English

Surprising win for English. We head back to the panel and it’s time to discuss our main event tonight! We get a video from Facebook earlier today:

Renee and the gang discuss the match and whether or not Randy can come out with the title considering how emotional this is for him and because this is Jinder’s stipulation! They argue back and forth whether Randy can come out on top and say the result of tonight’s match will have huge ramifications.

That’s it for the Battleground 2017 Kick-Off Show! Its time for the main show, enjoy!

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