Why Brock Lesnar Must Become A Free Agent


Attraction to Smackdown Live

Up until Wrestlemania Smackdown Live was the far superior show to RAW. It  booked better and was more consistently entertaining as well as having better stories. Since then the show has dipped in quality but will likely pick up soon with it’s vast pool of talent. One thing it could use though is some main stream star power. Smackdown Live does not need it but it will be a welcomed bonus which will only serve to help everyone involved.

While Smackdown Live has Cena and even Orton, Lesnar is a different beast (incarnate). Lesnar and Heyman would really make Smackdown Live feel on par with RAW. RAW over the past year has had Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and even The Hardy Boyz. Smackdown Live is and should be the more wrestling show but there is no reason that main stream, casual talent cannot help to make the show feel like a bigger entity in itself.

Lesnar will bring over some fans who only watch RAW. As well as this Lesnar will automatically help ratings of Smackdown Live. On a looser show also Heyman will likely have even more freedom in his promo’s meaning that Smackdown Live would be grabbing headlines every time the duo appeared on the blue brand. Nobody is a loser if Lesnar becomes a free agent, everyone is a winner especially the brand of Smackdown Live. Lesnar’s true home brand.

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