Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – RAW Analysis, Angle’s Big Reveal, Why Didn’t Ambrose Hit Rollins? More!

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Lane points out that Enzo cut another good promo on Monday night, but he contradicted every word of his promo once Big Cass came to the ring. During his promo he said that he never backs down, but once Cas came out that’s exactly what he did. Russo agrees and says that type of thing can kill a character, but with all the heat on Enzo right now, maybe they’re trying to bury him.

Russo says he doesn’t know what’s worse, Dean Ambrose calling the chair ‘Steely Dan’ or calling Miz’s crew ‘The Miztourage’. He doesn’t know who’s writing this stuff but it’s absolutely atrocious. He also urges Curtis Axel to get a hair cut because he looks like a 12-year-old with his current hair cut.

Russo says that he liked the guitar shot that Elias Samson delivered to Finn Balor, because we haven’t seen anything like that on WWE’s programming in a long time. However, he thought it was strange to see Bray Wyatt interrupt Balor, because this basically means the feud between Wyatt and Rollins is over and Rollins never got a receipt on Wyatt after Wyatt won the last two matches.

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