Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – RAW Analysis, Angle’s Big Reveal, Why Didn’t Ambrose Hit Rollins? More!

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Russo has no idea what’s going on in RAW’s Women’s division. The last he knew Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax were at each other’s throat, and now they’re running together and hugging each other on the way up the ramp.

Russo thinks it’s wonderful that WWE and Stephanie McMahon are doing lots of charity work, but we saw another promo package on this show of Stephanie accepting a Humanitarian Award, and Russo says it’s not charity if you continue to promote how charitable you are.

He points out that every single time WWE does something good like this, they’re only doing it to get the good publicity that accompanies this type of charity work.

In Russo’s opinion, WWE should have saved the Angle reveal for the last segment of the show. This was what a lot of people tuned in to see, and they most certainly turned the channel again once Angle revealed this secret half way through the show. He also says that there should have been a shot of Angle welcoming a limo into the arena or something of that nature, to hint that the reveal was coming.

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