Conversation with the Big Guy Recap – Surprises at Live Events, Ripping Dirt Sheets, What Move Has Ryback Stopped Using? More!

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Ryback also mentions that he’s been called bitter for the way he has talked about WWE since leaving the company. He says that he puts the company over if they do something good, and criticizes them if they do something bad, it’s that simple. Buck says that being called bitter is not always a bad thing; it’s what you do with the bitterness that counts.

Ryback agrees and says it’s not like he’s sitting home doing drugs everyday, complaining about how things didn’t go his way in WWE. It’s okay to be bitter, just use it as motivation to better yourself.

Ryback comments on a recent article from Sportster, who lists the top ‘train wrecks’ in professional wrestling. Ryback wasn’t surprised at all to see that he made #1 on this list, because Sportster seems to love putting him high on their defamatory lists. He says that he was forced to contact his attorneys about Sportster after this article because they continue to post defamatory articles without presenting any facts, and are simply lying to create clicks.

He thinks that these types of articles are hurting the business in general, and Facebook needs to start being held accountable. These articles are based all on opinion but they’re being presented as facts, and there’s an argument to be made for a defamation of character lawsuit.

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