GFW Officials Have Had Enough of Alberto El Patron Ripping on WWE


We previously noted that Alberto El Patron decided to rip WWE after Sunday’s Slammiversary event went off the air but things didn’t go his way Wednesday night when he attempted again.

Our correspondent at this week’s tapings sent word that El Patron tried to do the same during Wendesday’s tapings, but GFW officials have finally had enough and didn’t allow it. When El Patron grabbed the mic for another shoot, he said “it’s that time of the night where I talk about that company in Stamford.”

Patron would go on to mention how his attorney called him and asked him “what the f–k are you thinking” as he recently “lost enough money from his divorce.” This is when GFW decided to cut his microphone and play his music. El Patron attempted to shout over the music saying he “has enough voice to scream.” His music continued to play louder. El Patron tried to continue before giving up.

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