Dinner with the King Recap – Lawler’s Music Career, Trump’s Wrestling Tweet, How Are WrestleMania Payoffs Decided? More!

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Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Moore opens today’s show by asking Lawler what match he was the most nervous for throughout his entire career. Lawler says that he was very nervous the first night he wrestled in Memphis as well as the first time wrestling at Madison Square Garden.

He admits that he was somewhat nervous before wrestling at WrestleMania against Michael Cole, but there was there was something calming about how nervous Michael Cole was as well. Cole was an absolute train wreck before the match, so Lawler knew he had to be the strong one in order to get both of them through that match.

Lawler informs that he will be wrestling Cody Rhodes on August 26th in Massachusetts. Rhodes initially mentioned that he would love to wrestle Jerry Lawler on a conference call a few weeks back, and on last week’s podcast Lawler said that he’d love to partake in that match. Luckily a promoter put it together, and he and Rhodes will actually be competing in a Title match for this promotion in August.

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