The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Live Analysis, Same Old Cena Returns, RAW & Smackdown on WWE Network? More!

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Block 1:

Taz thought it was great to see John Cena return to WWE programming last night, but he feels like we saw this exact same scenario unfold a few times now over the last couple of years. Cena’s promo felt redundant, and rather then continuing to say that he’s not a part-timer, why doesn’t he embrace it and take the special attraction route similar to Brock Lesnar or what we saw from Undertaker for the last few years.

Taz liked Rusev’s surprise return, and he notes that Rusev looks good, rested and lean. Rusev also cut a simple, effective promo where he pointed out that Cena had commercials and all kinds of hype surrounding his return, where as nobody was talking about Rusev’s return. Taz thought all of this was very well done.

Taz thinks booking the Flag match between Cena and Rusev in Philadelphia is a genius move by WWE. Philadelphia is the home of some of the craziest wrestling fans in the world and they’d surely boo Cena out of the building at Battleground, but it’ll be hard for them to boo him if he’s defending the American Flag. Taz laughs and says that nothing’s out of the question though.

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