GFW Slammiversary Results – July 2nd, 2017

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The show opens with shots of Impact World Champion Lashley and GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron arriving at the Impact Zone in Orlando at Universal Studios. Heavy sports pre-show vibe with the music they used showing them arrive.

A video package runs looking back at the last 15 years of TNA.

A graphic hits the screen talking about tonight being 15 years in the making. We see the Anthem owl take off and land inside the six sided ring. Robert Flores and Don West are the first to welcome us to the show tonight at ringside.

CRASH, Pro Wrestling NOAH and AAA executives are introduced. Anthem’s Ed Nordholm, announced as the President of Impact Wrestling, is also introduced.

A graphic hits the screen specifically stating that GFW Tag Team Championships are on the line. Ring announcer David Penzer mentions this match is scheduled to feature both the GFW and Impact Tag Team Championships are on the line.

GFW and Impact Tag Team Championships Match
LAX (c’s) vs. Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori vs. AAA’s El Hijo del Fantasma and Drago vs. CRASH’s Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid

We start with Santana and Marufuji to begin. Series of counters early. Santana with a shoulder tackle, springboard arm drag and then both attempt a double dropkick leading to a stand off. Marufuji and Santana exchange chops. Marufuji with a huge kick to the head of Santana and follows with a dropkick. Laredo Kid gets the tag and kicks Marufuji in the gut. Laredo Kid with a kick to the head and splash off the ropes on Marufuji. Ishimori gets the tag and chops away at Laredo Kid. Ishimori connects with a springboard splash and then connects with a springboard kick to the head. Ortiz is in and attacks Ishimori in the corner. Ortiz and Ishimori exchange chops. Ortiz with a northern lights suplex into a bridge for a two count on Ishimori. Garza Jr breaks up a pinfall attempt attacking Ishimori. Garza with a head scissors, but eats an elbow from Ortiz in the corner. Garza with an impressive springboard off the ropes, lands and tosses Ortiz aside. Drago and Fantasma in with kicks. Fantasma plants Santana with a backbreaker. Drago drops a leg over Santana with help from Fantasma. Fantasma with a knee to Marufuji and they drop Ishimori. Fantasma is tripped up with Diamante at ringside. Santana with a superkick to Fantasma. LAX plants Fantasma with a powerbomb and Drago breaks it up. Ortiz splashes Drago and Santana finishes with a dive in the corner. LAX with a backbreaker and leg drop combo on Drago. Laredo Kid and Garza break it up. The action is incredibly fast. Laredo Kid, Garza and LAX all tumble from the corner. Garza is down from a superkick. Marufuji and Ishimori drop Laredo Kid and it gets broken up by Fantasma and Drago. Fantasma with double knees to Marufuji. Fantasma with a Frankensteiner. Drago slips and falls. Fantasma drops a leg to follow up. Fantasma kicks Ishimori. Drago with a tornado DDT on Ishimori. Santana with chops to Fantasma and Drago. Santana plants Drago. Laredo Kid and Garza with moonsaults off the top turnbuckle. Marufuji dives over the top to catch Santana. Ishimori tosses Drago out and then also dives out. Diamante attempts a huricanrana on Garza, but Garza dumps her over the rest on the outside. Fantasma with a big kick to Garza. Fantasma hits a modified tombstone. Marufuji and Fantasma chop away. Homicide distracts the referee. Diamante gets launched over the top rope and is favoring her ankle or her knee. Homicide and Garza exchange shots. Homicide with a Gringo Killer on Garza on the ring apron. Drago with a tornado DDT on Ishimori. Drago with a corkscrew plancha to Ishimori. Laredo Kid kicks Santana and they flip off the top rope. LAX with a powerbomb and blockbuster off the top rope on Laredo Kid to get the win.

Winners and still GFW and Impact Tag Team Champions: LAX

After the match, Konnan announces they will introduce a new LAX member soon.

Backstage, Joseph Park reveals to Jeremy Borash that the tag team match they have tonight against Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews will be under No DQ rules.

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