Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Ranallo Returns, Snow vs. Meltzer, Ellsworth’s Heat Leads to Rise in Smackdown Viewership, More!

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Lane mentions that Al Snow sent out a tweet last week, urging fans to start enjoying the wrestling business again instead of trying to criticze everything. Gilbertti says that Snow is right, and the fans today aren’t fans anymore, they’re critics. Instead of suspending disbelief and enjoying the product, these fans watch the product and then go online and criticize everything they watched.

In response to Snow, Dave Meltzer replied implying that Snow does not know the business because some of these ‘overly critical’ fans are the ones spending the most money on the product. Gilbertti says that might be true, but only because those fans have ran off all the other fans.

Gilbertti believes the problem with Meltzer is that sometimes he takes his editorial privilege too far and tries to pass off his opinions as facts. Russo believes it’s outrageous that someone with no experience in the business like Meltzer can openly criticize Al Snow, one of the greatest wrestling minds the business has ever seen.

Lane points out that IMPACT Wrestling parted ways with three employees last week including Shane Helms and Al Snow. Konnan thought that Shane Helms was a very ‘hands on’ agent, who was putting a lot of effort into making his talents and matches better. He points out that Helms was a company guy who was a good soldier for TNA even through some of their worst days, and releasing him like this is not a good look for the company.

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