Rumors on Why WWE Is Splitting Up The Miz & Maryse


There’s a rumor going around on various sites that claim WWE has decided to split The Miz and Maryse up on RAW because they don’t want two power couples in the company. These reports stem from recent comments made by Dave Meltzer’s on Wrestling Observer Radio, where he speculates what he believes is the reason behind the split between The Miz & Maryse.

“The end result is that they’re doing Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas as Miz’s new entourage and they’re dumping Maryse, I guess with the idea that because they’ve got Maria and Mike Bennett on the other brand, they don’t want another husband and wife team or something?” Meltzer said.

When asked if Maryse was done for now, Meltzer replied, “it looks like it.”

It’s pretty obvious by listening to Meltzer’s remarks that what he said is simply speculation only and not fact. He was saying that he believes that it could be a reason, and didn’t specify directly that it is.

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