The Taz Show Recap – RAW Analysis, Cass’ Shocking Revelation, Balor Sells for Bo, More!

Block 3:

Taz welcomes Mike Johnson from PWInsider to the show.

Johnson informs that Chandler Biggins, Co-Owner and Promoter of Absolute Intense Wrestling passed away this morning. He says that Biggins was a delightful, creative soul who has left us far too early. He sends his condolences to Biggins’ friends and family.

Johnson talks about NJPW’s constant struggle to deliver their product to their North American fans in a timely manner. He says they deal with the same issues that WWE dealt with when Smackdown was taped, in terms of online spoilers and such. Taz says that during his time working on Smackdown it was evident that Vince McMahon and company desperately wanted Smackdown to go live.

It was common place for performers to trust in the ‘safety net’ of taped programming, and McMahon hated that. Wrestlers would often say ‘fix it in post’, in terms of editing their matches if they go over time for example. Taz says that would make for a lot of work in post-production and that cost the company money.

Johnson informs that IMPACT Wrestling cut ties with Gregory Helms, Al Snow and Pat Kenny over the weekend. Taz says he likes all three of those men and he worked with all of them in the past. He’s sure that cutting costs played a big part in these releases, but the fact that all three men were hired under different regimes probably didn’t help their cases either.