Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Monday Nitro Analysis, Cutting A Live Promo for the First Time, Old Guard vs. New Blood, More!

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He says that this show had so much terrific storytelling on it that there were only 5 matches on the show, and the longest match was only 6 minutes long. The notion that he killed WCW is so stupid in his opinion, because this show was miles above any episode of RAW that WWE has produced in the last several years. Everything on this show felt real, and to an extent, some things were.

Russo says that he’s blackballed by WWE, and there’s no chance that he’ll ever work for that company moving forward. He’s perfectly okay with that, because he doesn’t want to leave his wife alone at home for a full time schedule on the road anymore anyways. He just wants wrestling today to be as good as this episode of Nitro was.

Russo says that during this time in WCW, there was a real issue with the veteran performers not wanting to put over the younger talents. He says that guys like Hogan & Sting felt like the young guys didn’t earn those positions, and they felt like they were getting pushed out the door by the younger guys.

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