X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Road Dogg – Writing for Smackdown Live, Women’s MITB Details, Picking on The Rock, More!

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James informs that he tried to right a lot of his wrongs when he inducted his father into the WWE Hall of Fame in Atlanta a few years ago. He took the time to go to several people and apologize to them for the way he acted in years prior. He apologized to The Rock in particular for the way he treated him during the attitude era.

He says that he did some horrible things to Rock, often in front of everybody else on the roster. He’s not sure why he picked on Rock that much but he knows that the drugs played a big part, and in his mind he was afraid of The Rock because Rock had everything. Looking back, he’s lucky that Rock didn’t get frustrated and beat him up on several occasions.

James informs that the upcoming women’s Money in the Bank contract will be solely present on Smackdown Live, and this decision was made in an attempt to keep the integrity of the brand split alive. He adds that a lot of thinking went into making the first women’s Money in the Bank ladder match happen. He wanted to make sure that all the women were comfortable with doing it, and that they could execute the match safely.

X-Pac wonders if James and WWE are considering adding a third hour to Smackdown Live. James says that’s not in the works right now because the truth is, it’s so much easier to write two hours of television and it’s so much easier to watch two hours of television. He admits that sometimes he wouldn’t mind having an extra 15 minutes so he can showcase guys like Luke Harper and Tye Dillinger, but he says that the time is coming for those guys to shine.

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