X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Road Dogg – Writing for Smackdown Live, Women’s MITB Details, Picking on The Rock, More!

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X-Pac welcomes ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James to the show.

James says that everything is wonderful in his life right now. He says that he gets some criticism on Twitter from fans who accuse him of towing the Company line, but he says that WWE paid for his rehab and gave him another chance to do something that he loves by working in the professional wrestling business. He has been clean for six years now, and he owes a lot of his happiness today to what WWE has done for him.

Sometimes it’s hard for him to believe how he was able to work so successfully for all those years while he was abusing drugs and alcohol. He watches some of his matches back and it amazes him that he still had tremendous timing in the ring, even when he was certainly under the influence of something. X-Pac can relate, saying that the timing was always there even when he was high.

James informs that his current position in WWE is Vice President and Lead Writer for Smackdown Live. He is thankful to have earned Vince McMahon’s trust, and he admits that it took some time. Triple H vouched for him multiple times before McMahon allowed him back into the company, but McMahon also warned Triple H that if James screwed up again, it was on Triple H’s head.

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