WWE Monday Night Raw Results – 12 June 2017

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The Miz & The Bear Vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Heath Slater tried to roll up The Miz as he argued with the bear, but he kicks out. The Miz thinks The Bear is Dean Ambrose. A light “We want Bear” chant fires up. Miz wants a handshake, but Slater declines. Slater takes him down and tags in Rhyno.

They hit a double-team back elbow. Rhyno shoulder blocks him down and shoulders him in the corner before hitting a clothesline. Slater tags in, but Miz takes him down. The Bear tags in, and The Miz looks terrified. Michael Cole says this is “bearly legal” and the puns keep coming.

The Bear slaps Heath Slater and backhands him. Rhyno looks stunned. The Bear applies a bear hug. The Bear tags Miz in, and Miz attacks him. Miz sends The Bear into the barricade and drives it into the apron. Miz pulls off the mask to reveal a jobber. Slater hits Miz with a kick. Cole says Miz just has to grin and bear it. The Bear gets back in the ring with the mask on.

The Bear then hits Dirty Deeds on Slater. Maryse tries to warn Miz that it’s Ambrose inside the suit. Ambrose reveals himself, and Miz looks stunned. Miz tries to run away, but he accidentally knocks Maryse off the apron. Maryse yells at him and walks off. Miz slowly turns, but Ambrose hits him with Dirty Deeds and puts Slater on top of him for the win.

Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Ambrose puts the bear mask onto Miz and leaves. The Miz takes it off and stares at it furiously.

We get a vignette for The Hardy Boyz sand their return to WWE.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Neville in the ring, and out comes Rich Swann for a match. As Swann dances in the ring, Neville attacks him behind. Neville beats Swann to the mat before taking him outside the ring and tossing him into the barricade. Neville brings Swann inside and locks in the Rings of Saturn until he passes out. Neville grabs a microphone and says “Austin Aries, TJP, and now Richard Swann.” Neville then kicks Swann out of the ring. He says it feels good to be the King and holds his belt high. “Or does it?” Neville asks how many pretenders he has to obliterate before he gets the respect he deserves? He says he knows what is being said about Akira Tozawa, but it takes more than a Tweet from Titus O’Neil to be the Cruiserweight Champion. Neville advises Tozawa to tread carefully, unless he wants to bend a knee before the King.

Charly Caruso interviews Shesaro backstage. Cesaro says he has been doing his research and pulls out The Hardy Boyz’s book: ‘Exist to Inspire’. Sheamus says Matt and Jeff inspired a generation, they inspired them to wear pantyhose on their arms. Sheamus says that they should have called the book: ‘Exist to Retire’.

*Commercial Break*

Anderson and Gallows are in the ring, waiting for Enzo and Big Cass to come out but we cut to the back to see Enzo laid out. Officials and Enzo run over and we see The Revival walk past in the background. Cass refuses to let Enzo replace him so they hobble to the ring. Back in the ring, Gallows says Cass must have fell again and Anderson does a Muttley laugh. Anderson says that if Cass didn’t want to fight them, he should just say so. They Too Sweet and out comes Enzo and Cass.

Enzo & Big Cass Vs. Anderson & Gallows

The bell rings and Big Cass knee’s Karl Anderson in the gut. Cass can barely stand as he attacks Anderson in the corner. Cass slingshots Anderson to the corner, then leans on the ropes to regain himself.

Cass hits a sidewalk slam on Anderson, then the Empire Elbow before collapsing onto the ropes. Cass manages to make the tag to Enzo, just as Karl Anderson knocks him from the ring. Enzo starts taking out both Anderson and Gallows but Anderson catches him with a big boot.

Enzo looks to make the tag but Cass is on the floor. Gallows knocks Enzo to the corner and Amore looks for a big jump but gets booted in mid-air. Anderson and Gallows hi the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Anderson & Gallows

After the match, Anderson and Gallows lifts Enzo for another Magic Killer but out comes The Big Show to make the save. Show lifts Enzo to his feet just as Cass climbs to the apron. Enzo hugs Show and Cass watches on.

*Commercial Break*

R-Truth says it wasn’t cool Goldust stabbed him in the back. R-Truth doesn’t forgive or forget. He gets even. R-Truth won’t take it anymore. Goldust will get got.

Enzo asks Big Show possibly attacking Big Cass. Big Show says he saved him twice and this is the thanks he gets? Big Show tells Enzo that Cass is SAWFT.

Replays are shown from the brawl between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe.

Mike Rome is backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe says the brawl doesn’t change anything. They’re playing into his strategy. It’s never been about the words. It’s about the actions. Brock Lesnar didn’t sweat him, so his reaction is to send the messenger back with the same wounds he’ll give the manager. Lesnar wanted to let everyone know this is his house, but Joe let him know who he was going to do battle with. Then, at Great Balls of Fire, Joe will walk to the ring, look Brock in the eyes, lock-in the Coquina Clutch and take the Universal Chamspionship.

The Hardy Boyz make their entrance. The main event is next.

*Commercial Break*

We get a video for Roman Reigns after the break. The video ends by stating that Roman has a big announcement for SummerSlam, which he will reveal next week on Raw.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship’s
2-Out-Of-3-Falls Match
(C) Sheamus & Cesaro Vs. The Hardy Boyz

Sheamus immediately goes for a Brogue Kick on Matt Hardy, but Matt ducks and hits a bulldog for a two count. Jeff Hardy tags in, and they send Sheamus to the corner for Poetry in Motion. Matt hits the Side Effect, and Jeff follows up with a splash for a two count.

Matt gives Cesaro a back body drop over the top rope. Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate, but Cesaro rips Matt off the apron to distract Jeff. Jeff runs to the corner and uses them to flip up but Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick and gets the first fall!

1st Fall To: Sheamus & Cesaro

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Sheamus grounding Jeff with a rear chin-lock. Sheamus hits Jeff with a backbreaker for a near-fall. Sheamus grabs Jeff’s legs but Hardy flips Sheamus away and out of the ring. Jeff crawls towards Matt but Sheamus makes it back inside and grabs the leg of Jeff, who stands up and hits a mule kick.

Matt and Cesaro are tagged-in and Matt knocks Cesaro to the corner, where he hits his head repeatedly off of the top turnbuckle, then the middle buckle, then the bottom and the fans love it. Matt hits a bulldog for a near-fall, then takes to the apron and catches Sheamus with a Side Effect. Matt comes back inside and hits a Twist of Fate on Cesaro for the second fall!

2nd Fall To: The Hardy Boyz

Matt waits for the referee to give him the go-ahead, then looks to pin Cesaro again but he kicks out. Matt looks for another Twist of Fate but Cesaro pushes him away and hits a huge European uppercut before tagging Sheamus. Sheamus  clobbers Matt, then knocks Jeff from the apron before taking Matt’s head off with a jumping knee.

A double-team move from Sheamus and Cesaro gets broken by Jeff, who is then dumped out of the ring by Sheamus. Cesaro looks for the Gotch Neutraliser but Matt escapes but quickly winds-up in the Sharpshooter. Matt gets to the bottom rope, then hits a roll-up on Cesaro but is unsuccessful.

Matt tags Jeff and Cesaro tags Sheamus. Jeff catches Sheamus with two clotheslines, then a legdrop to the groin. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate stunner on Sheamus and Cesaro breaks the fall. Cesaro and matt take the fight to the outside, meanwhile Sheamus hits Jeff with a Stun Gun.

Jeff catches Sheamus with a jawbreaker to create some distance, then the Celtic Warrior spears the ring post. Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb but Cesaro pulls Sheamus from the ring! Jeff takes to the apron and leaps off onto Cesaro. Jeff tries to put Sheamus back inside but Cesaro stops him. Sheamus and Jeff brawl, as do Cesaro and matt. They get counted out!

3rd & Final Fall: A Draw

After the match, Cesaro throws Matt at Sheamus, but Hardy attacks Sheamus, then flips Cesaro over his head. Jeff takes to the top rope and leaps off onto both Sheamus and Cesaro

The Hardy Boyz go back into the ring and celebrate, meanwhile Sheamus and Cesaro retreat up the ramp with their titles! We haven’t seen the end of this feud yet!

That’s it for this week’s Raw, let us know what you thought in the comments and be sure to come back here tomorrow night for SmackDown Live and 205 Live! Until next time, safe travels!

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