Rumor on TJ Perkins Changing His Name

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Bryan Alvarez made the following remarks about WWE’s decision to change TJ Perkins’ name to simple “TJP” on an installment of the Bryan and Vinny Show:

“I was told this by someone in WWE and I believe it. It’s astonishing because I suggested this like a month ago when it happened and it wasn’t until yesterday that somebody told me that it’s true. TJP is no longer TJ Perkins and I largely joked that clearly, Vince McMahon had a bad experience at a Perkins [restaurant]. Sure as s**t, Vince apparently hates Perkins. I was told that Perkins is not a national chain but apparently, he hates it and he thinks it sucks and he thinks that if people hear ‘TJ Perkins’ they’re gonna think of the f**king restaurant so now he’s TJP. I’m just telling you what I was told. This guy [McMahon] is crazy enough that I believe that.”

TJP caught wind of the story when a follower on Twitter mentioned it to him and indicated that it was his idea to change the name.

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