WWE SmackDown Live Results – 6 June 2017

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SmackDown Live opens with all competitors in the women’s Money in the Bank standing in the ring. Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring.

He welcomes everyone to the show and wants everyone to welcome the participants involved in the first ever Women’s “Money in the Bank” Ladder match. Shane introduces Tamina, Natalya, Carmella, Becky Lynch and Charlotte. He wants to a little reveal tonight.

A briefcase covered in a black sheet is lowered. Shane removes the briefcase and covering. He reveals a white briefcase specially made for this first ever Women’s “Money in the Bank” match. Shane talks about a contract being inside this briefcase to earn a shot at the Smackdown Women’s Championship at any time they want. James Ellsworth interrupts and says Shane doesn’t need to explain the stipulations.

Carmella claims she will be looking down on all of them when she grabs the briefcase. Charlotte yells at her to pipe down and that she will win the briefcase to add to her legacy. Natalya says she is sick of Charlotte ripping off her father’s gimmick. Becky points out that Natalya is ripping off her uncle Bret Hart’s gimmick. Tamina says all these women do is talk and she is going to shut them all up in St. Louis.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi is out next to interrupt. She understands she can’t be in this match, but she would love to be. Naomi says she is ready for whoever wins this match and she plans to defend her championship.

Here comes Lana. She is wearing a blue dress and heads to the ring. Shane says hello to her. A loud “LANA” chant starts up in Rochester. He tells Lana this isn’t the correct time and isn’t working for him right now. Lana says she will make it work for him. She points out that while Naomi can’t be in this match, she can. Rochester starts a “YES” chant.

Naomi starts laughing on the mic and asks Lana if she thinks she can really hang in a match like this? She points out Lana hasn’t even had a singles match yet. Noami asks her who she has ever beat. Lana says she can beat her. Shane tells Lana getting a spot in a match like this is something she needs to earn. A very upset Lana leaves the ring and yells heading to the back.

*Commercial Break*

Carmella, Natalya & Tamina Vs. Becky, Charlotte & Naomi

We start with Charlotte and Natalya. Both exchange headlock attempts. Charlotte with chops to Natalya after they noticeably panic missing a spot. Becky Lynch tags herself in and drops a shot over Natalya’s left arm.

Carmella gets the tag and takes a drop toe hold from Becky. Becky locks up Carmella on the mat and rolls around with her in the ring. Becky gets dumped to the outside by Carmella. Natalya with a clothesline to Becky on the outside.

*Commercial Break*

Back live, Natalya tosses Becky to the corner and tags in Tamina. Tamina with a few shots and tags Natalya back in who throws Becky down by her hair. Becky with a kick to the back of the head on Natalya. Tag to Carmella who drops Charlotte in the corner. Tag to Naomi who tosses out big kicks to Carmella.

Noami catches Carmella with a jawbreaker, then makes a tag to Tamina, who eats a series of kicks from Naomi. Noami lands a springboard crossbody on Tamina but Carmella breaks it up. Charlotte with a boot to Carmella. Natalya and Tamina double team Charlotte. Lana is walking back down the ramp. Naomi kicks Natalya and Tamina in the corner. Naomi starts yelling at Lana. Lana swipes Naomi’s legs from her on the ring apron and she falls. Tamina then hits a superkick to Naomi, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Tamina, Natalya & Carmella

The heels leave up the ramp and celebrate their win after the match. Naomi stares a hold through the smug Lana.

Backstage, we see Shane McMahon walk into his office and Mojo Rawley has the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy inside. Mojo said winning that trophy was a dream come true and he thought it would open doors for him on Smackdown, but instead he’s been a ghost the last two months. He wants an opportunity and points out how he has already defeated the current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Shane says he will give Mojo a spot in the “Money in the Bank” match if he can beat Jinder Mahal tonight.

*Commercial Break*

The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, makes his way to the ring. We see highlights of his loss to Dolph Ziggler last week.

AJ Styles Vs. Dolph Ziggler

The two circle each other for a minute until Ziggler shoots for a leg and looks to roll-up Styles to no avail. They engage in amateur wrestling, then break apart and hit simultaneous headbutts. Ziggler catches AJ with a dropkick for a two count as we head to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Styles with chops and right hands to Ziggler as we return live. Ziggler throws a big knee and then eats a clothesline from Styles. Ziggler uses the ropes for a cover and Styles is able to break free in time.

Ziggler with a Fameasser on Styles for a two count. Styles avoid a superplex attempt and dumps Ziggler avoiding a tornado DDT. Styles catches Ziggler with a forearm, avoids a counter by Ziggler and Ziggler gets Styles down in a pinfall holding the ropes but he kicks out. AJ counters Ziggler looking for a pin but he flips out, and hits the Styles Clash for the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

A convincing win for Styles after last week’s botched finish.

A new “Fashion Files” video package airs. It’s black and white again, still noir detectives. The New Day visits with Breezango, confused as to why they’re now sepia-toned, and want to hire them to get some intel on The Usos. They try to bribe them but Fandango gets offended. Another hilarious segment.

Mojo Rawley heads to the ring. He faces WWE Champion Jinder Mahal next.

*Commercial Break*

John Cena returns to SmackDown on July 4th!

Mojo Rawley Vs. Jinder Mahal W/The Singh Brothers
If Mojo Wins He Is Entered Into The MITB Match

Jinder takes the fight to the Champion right away, forcing him to the corner and beating his head off of the turnbuckles. Rawley knocks Mahal onto his back and he rolls under the apron where the referee stops Mojo from following.

Back inside, Jinder starts punching Mojo but the hype man retaliates with a shoulder tackle that sends Jinder from the ring. Jinder regroups with the Singh’s on the outside. After coming back inside, Mojo hits Jinder with another tackle and he stumbles to the corner. The Singh Brothers leap onto the aprons and Mojo knocks them down, allowing Mahal to hit a big boot.

Jinder beats Rawley around the ring until Mojo again tackles him. Rawley gets Jinder onto his shoulders but, after an eye rake, Jinder throws him into the ring post and hits the full nelson bomb for the win!

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder Mahal gets on the mic with The Singh Brothers at his side. He tells the audience to get quiet when the “modern day Maharaja is speaking.” Mahal said he just dismantled the dreams of Mojo Rawley the same way he will with Randy Orton.

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