WWE 205 Live Results – 6 June 2017

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The show opens with a video package of the Neville-TJP partnership, which led to TJP asking Neville to hold up his end of their bargain. Neville promised TJP a shot at his title, if he aided him in his feud with Austin Aries. This led to Neville attacking TJP on Raw Monday and then granting him his title opportunity in tonight’s main event.

Noam Dar makes his way to the ring without Alicia Fox. Dar says that Alicia is at home nursing a neck injury from Extreme Rules. Noam takes the mic and addresses Cedric Alexander’s comments about Alicia last week. How he called her a black widow and made fun of Dar and Fox’s relationship. Dar gives a revised history of Cedric and Alicia’s relationship. Noam then says that everyone is jealous of him and his relationship. Dar has a message from Alicia for Alexander and it’s that he should just move on.

Cedric Alexander’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring for the show’s opening match.

Cedric Alexander Vs. Noam Dar

As soon as the bell rings, the action kicks off. Cedric takes to the air and knocks Dar down with a dropkick. Both men end up battling to the outside and Alexander hits a pretty looking springboard moonsault. When the action gets back in the ring.

Noam Dar assumes control when he counters Cedric, and Alexander ends up landing face first on the mat. Noam starts hitting Cedric with some stiff strikes and then proceeds to go work on his left arm. Cedric starts fighting back and lands some hard strikes of his own. He lands a stiff elbow and then grounds Dar. Alexander then takes to the sky with a flying clothesline.

Dar fights back with some soccer style kicks. After both men attempt a variation of pinfall attempts, Cedric gets caught with a big kick by Dar. Noam then tries to set up Cedric for the finish but gets rolled up in an inside cradle for a near fall. Moments later, Dar connects with a big kick on Cedric and just when it appears that Noam is on the verge of victory. Alexander recovers and hits his Lumbar check on Dar and secures the victory.

Winner: Noam Dar

Cedric Alexander confronts Noam Dar after the match. He tells him that he’s moving on and that if Noam’s smart, he will to.

TJP is interviewed backstage by Dasha. He says that tonight is only about one thing and that’s him. TJP says that this entire division and show was put together to showcase his talent. TJP warns Neville about having a problem with him.

Mustafa Ali comes to the ring to face a local guy.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Louie Valle

Valle starts by working over Ali with a wristlock. Ali recovers quickly and shows off his great athleticism. Valle looks like a cross between Johnny Rodz and Taz when he was the Tazmanian devil. He actually gets in some more offense here and knocks Ali down with some stiff shots.

Mustafa starts to return some strikes of his own. He builds up momentum and heads to the top rope to hit his finisher. Just when Ali gets to the top rope, Drew Gulak’s bullhorn plays over the sound system. Gulak makes his way out with his “No Fly Zone” and megaphone. He demands that Ali get off the top rope. Valle tries to roll up Ali for a victory but Ali counters with a roll up of his own and pins Valle.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Drew Gulak congratulates Mustafa Ali for winning the match on the ground rather than through the air. He pledges to Ali to change his style and asks Mustafa to join him in his campaign. When Gulak gets to ringside, Ali leaps onto him while he is in mid-sentence. Ali then grabs Gulak’s sign and destroys it.

We get a video package for Rich Swann. The video is similar to the one of Roderick Strong in NXT; focusing on Rich’s background and his mother, all the way up to his title win. This is the kind of thing that gets talent over more than splashes.

Swann is shown backstage talking to Akira Tozawa. When who should show up but Titus O’Neill. Titus asks if he can speak to “Towaza” for a minute. As Swann leaves, Titus tells him to go put a dress shirt on. O’Neill then makes his pitch to Akira and why he should join The Titus Brand. Titus claims that Apollo Crews wants Akira to join the brand. Titus then compliments Akira on his charisma and does Tozawa’s chant. Titus promises Akira that he could make him a lot of money. Titus tells Tozawa to call Apollo and get his advice.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville is interviewed backstage before the main event. He admits that he used TJP and calls him a tool. Now that TJP is no longer useful, He is going to dispose of him now.

Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Neville Vs. TJP

Neville controls the action early on. He over powers TJP and toys with him. TJP does a great job transitioning out from a front face lock by Neville. His offense doesn’t last long however as Neville takes him down to the mat again. TJP battles back and takes Neville down to the mat. Both men go through several reversals and standing switches from a wrist lock position.

Neville continues to out-muscle TJP but Perkins uses his speed to take down Neville and put him in a half crab. Neville gets to the ropes, regroups and grounds TJP yet again. The pace of the match picks up and Neville drops Perkins with a hurricanrana and then taunts the crowd. He yells at them that this is his ring.

Moments later, TJP catches Neville near the ropes and puts him in a tarantula submission. When Neville breaks free, the action heads to the outside. Neville over powers Perkins and sends him crashing into the barricade. Neville then ends up slamming TJP face first onto the broadcast table. TJP struggles but gets back into the ring before the count of 10. Back in the ring, everytime TJP tries to rally, Neville continues to shut him down. Neville slams TJP hard down to the mat. He then heads to the top rope and sizes up Perkins. He leaps off and connects with a missile dropkick.

Neville calls for the finish and heads to the top again. When TJP gets up, he gets hit with a sharp elbow. TJP continues coming at Neville and sends him to the outside. He then leaps onto Neville with a twisting plancha. When Neville gets back inside, TJP connects with a wrecking ball dropkick and a gut buster for a near fall. Perkins goes for the detonation kick on Neville but the champ uses the ropes to break away. Neville then drives TJP face first into the mat.

After a few stiff kicks by Neville lead to a near fall. The champion roughs up TJP and starts taunting him. TJP rallies and targets Neville’s knee. He recovers and lays out TJP. Neville then heads to the top to hit the red arrow but misses.

TJP gets his knee bar submission on Neville. When Neville tries to reach for the ropes, TJP goes to drag him back into the ring and re-apply the hold. Neville transitions and puts Perkins in the Rings of Saturn. TJP counters it into a roll up pin attempt. Neville rolls through it and clamps on The Rings of Saturn. Moments later, TJP submits and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Neville

Neville holds his hands high after the match, then kisses the title as we go off the air.

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live! Can anyone stop Neville? It’s unclear who could possibly step-up and challenge him right now. Let us know what you think in the comments and I will see you here next Monday night for Raw! Until then, safe travels!

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