WWE Monday Night Raw Results – June 5 2017

Raw opens with Bray Wyatt coming to the ring to face Roman Reigns!

Bray comes on the microphone and says that last night was the beginning of the end. He had a chance to slay The Beast but they took his sword and stuck it in his eye. But he is still here and he is alive and still every bit the God he has been. The fans are digging Bray tonight. He says he is here tonight to pass judgement on the guilty: Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns.

Bray says it starts with Roman tonight and the Big Dog interrupts him. He comes to the ring and grabs the microphone from Bray’s hand. Roman gets booed and cheered by the fans, to which he says that’s why he’s the guy. Roman hits Bray and he rolls from the ring. Bray comes back in and the match starts.

Bray Wyatt Vs. Roman Reigns

Bray grabs Roman for a Sister Abigail right away but Roman shrugs him off and looks for Superman punch but misses. Roman catches Bray coming off of the ropes with a back elbow that sends him rolling out of the ring to regain composure as we head to a break!

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Bray in charge as he punches the back of Roman’s head on the mat. During the commercial Bray caught Roman with a body attack to get control. Bray applies a headlock and grounds Roman.

Reigns eventually powers out and clobbers Bray with a right hand. Bray goes to the top rope but Reigns grabs him off and lands a Samoan drop for a near-fall. Bray kicks Roman as he runs at him in the corner, then throws Roman shoulder-first into the opposite ring post. Bray hits a senton on Reigns as we go to another commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial and Bray has Roman in a headlock again. Roman fights out and throws Bray from the ring. Wyatt climbs back inside and Roman lands a few kicks and a clothesline to drop Bray.

Roman hits Bray in the corner with repeated clotheslines, then a big boot for a two count. Roman takes to the corner and readies for a Superman punch but Bray does the crab walk and Roman stops. Roman shrugs it off and looks for the Superman but bray caught him with a Urianage slam and a near-fall.

Bray attacks Roman in the corner and lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. Bray climbs up and punches Roman, until finally Reigns ducks down and picks Bray up for a big sit-out powerbomb and a near-fall. Bray sidesteps a Superman punch, only to hit the ropes and get caught with one on return.

Bray rolls from the ring as Roman looks for a Spear, then Roman hits him with the Drive-By as he lays on the apron. Bray doesn’t fall and takes Roman’s head off with a clothesline seconds later. Both men down on the outside, they both make it back into the ring before 10.

Roman rolls Bray up but he kicks out. Roman hits a Superman punch and a Spear to get the win over Bray.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe will be on the show tonight, to discuss his win and upcoming match with Brock Lesnar. We get a promo for Money In The Bank in two weeks!

*Commercial Break*

Enzo and Big Cass join Charly Caruso backstage as we return. Enzo tries to chat-up Charly before saying that nobody knows who attacked him and he isn’t happy. Big Cass reiterates that they don’t know who attacked him and it’s insulting that some people think it could be him. He says from now on he will be watching Enzo’s back 24/7, including tonight when they face Gallows and Anderson.

Kurt Angle is backstage, staring perplexed at his phone. Alexa Bliss walks in and asks for some congratulations to which she gets none. Alexa says that she is done with Bayley and she is moving on. Tonight she wants to celebrate her entire life, and she pitches ‘Alexa Bliss, This Is My Life’. Angle says no way, because the segment last week was one of the worst in Raw history. He reminds her that she promised Nia Jax a title match, so she can put it on the line against her tonight. Alexa can’t believe it.

We see Dean Ambrose walking to the ring and he looks angry.

*Commercial Break*

Elias Samson is in the ring and wants to know who wants to walk with him. Earlier today, he saw a leaf fall on the highway, and it inspired him to write a song. Samson asks them to hold their applause until he’s finished. Samson sings about seeing the landscape change last night while Michael Cole is snickering in the background. Dean Ambrose’s music cuts him off. Corey Graves says he heard that “crappy song” on a college radio station back in the day.

Ambrose says he has something to say, and he hits Samson in the head with the microphone. Ambrose beats him around ringside and knocks him into the crowd. Ambrose gets in the ring and says he wants The Miz. Miz appears on the screen getting his makeup done. Miz says there will not be a match tonight because he’s doing his Miz Comeback Tour. Samson attacks Ambrose from behind and hits a rolling cutter. Samson says that’s what happens when you hit him with a microphone. Samson then walks off.

*Commercial Break*

Dean Ambrose rushes into Kurt Angles office and asks where The Miz’s dressing room is. Angle tells him that he isn’t going to divulge that info because Ambrose isn’t getting a rematch tonight. He will get one, but not tonight. Angle tells Ambrose to take the night off, and it isn’t a suggestion.