The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Analysis, In-Ring Psychology, Nia Jax Lashes Out, More!

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Block 2:

Kevin Owens opened up Smackdown with a Highlight Reel segment. Taz still thinks that Kevin Owens is too good to be stealing another talent’s segment like this, but it’s obvious that WWE is keeping the door open for a Chris Jericho return so he can continue his feud with Owens.

Taz thought that they were going to protect Nakamura by not having him cut a promo last night, but they did give him some mic time. For the most part Nakamura’s promo was fine, but there were a couple of parts where it was hard to understand him. While Nakamura continues to learn the English language, you can’t really blame him for a few mumbled lines from time to time.

Taz says that it was smart of Byron Saxton to point out that Sami Zayn was stretchered out of Smackdown last week, and it’s Zayn’s pride and fire that allowed him to return seemingly healthy seven days later. Taz says if he was booking the show, he would have had Zayn either bandaged up or selling his injuries during the match.

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