WWE 205 Live Results – May 30 2017

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We get a video package to start the show, which hypes the feud between Neville and Aries, focusing on Neville tapping out on last nights Raw.

Noam Dar and Alica Fox are out to kick things off. Dar says that they are the closest the fans will get to true love, “especially in Atlanta”. They turn their attention to Swann and Banks, saying they aren’t fooling anyone. At Extreme Rules, true love will conquer all when they win. Fox wants revenge on Swann for making her look like a fool.

Swann and Sasha Banks come out and call them a hot mess as they walk to the ring. Banks says that she and Swann aren’t in love but they have a friend bond; they like to dance, fashion and getting revenge. Fox slags Sasha’s clothes, then says Banks has a bootleg weave. Sasha says at least her ass isn’t showing, then the two start brawling but are pulled apart by Dar and Swann.

Noam Dar Vs. Rich Swann

Swann hits a nice dropkick to start things off, but Dar hits him from behind with a cheap shot and slows things down right away. After a few minutes of holds, he lands a back suplex for a count of two, then backs Swann into the corner and goes to work on his injured arm.

Dar continues to fire away with right hands, elbows, and focuses on the injury. Swann comes back briefly with a few shots, but gets caught with a running elbow. He finally created some space with a big back suplex, then caught Dar with a headscissors takedown off the top rope.

Swann hits a big knee, then a 360 flip into a kick for a count of two. He rolls-up Noam for two and got caught in an ankle lock, but rolled through to send him crashing through the ropes. Swann looked to fly but he got tripped up by Alicia Fox while the referee was distracted. Sasha then runs and attacks Foxy and the two brawl like cray as the match continues. Swann runs at Dar in the corner but misses, allowing to Dar hit a running knee on Swann for the win.

Winner: Noam Dar

As the match ends Foxy runs and dives onto Dar to celebrate. Banks checks on Swann and has a chunk of Foxy’s hair in her hand.

We see Charly Caruso interview interview the returning Cedric Alexander backstage. Alexander says it’s difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch WWE pass you by but now he’s back and plans to prove his worth.

Cedric Alexander Vs. Corey Hollis

The bell rings and it’s all Alexander from the get-go.Alexander lands a nice dropkick and backs Hollis into the corner.. Hollis got in the ropes and took a cheap shot when the ref backed off Cedric, then hit a chop block to the previous injury and locked him in a straight jacket suplex.

Cedric fights out of the hold, hits a springboard lariat, a handspring kick, and hit the Lumbar Check for the quick win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

We’ve got Drew Gulak taking on Mustafa Ali up next!

Ali comes out first to a decent reaction. Gulak came out next with his megaphone, talking about his “No Fly Zone” but a pissed off Mustafa Ali flew over the top rope to take him down before the match even started.

Drew Gulak Vs. Mustafa Ali

As soon as the match began, Ali went right after him with rights and lefts, brawling all over the ringside area and throwing in a few kicks for good measure.

Gulak caught him coming back into the ring, and went to work in the corner, but Ali flipped over him and connected with a nice elbow shot. He went up to the top rope, but Gulak threw him hard to the floor, forcing the high-flyer down clutching his knee. Drew worked him over back in the ring, slowing things down with holds for several minutes.

Finally Ali made a comeback, but came off the top rope with a flying crossbody, and Gulak rolled him through into a pin for the three-count.

Winner: Drew Gulak

After the match we get a quick interview with Drew, who says that once again he has proved to Ali that high-flying doesn’t pay. He intends on continuing his campaign.

Austin Aries comes to the ring, trusty banana in hand. Aries said ever since last night, his DMs have been blowing up because he made Neville tap out. He leads the crowd in chanting that Neville tapped out, over and over again, then rolled the footage from Raw last night just to add insult to injury. He then rolled the footage again, and when a fan said they didn’t see it properly, he ran it a third time in slow motion.

After finally hearing enough, the Cruiserweight Champion Neville made his way out and was greeted by a loud “you tapped out” chant. He trashes Aries for how he’s handling himself in the face of a “one in a lifetime” accomplishment, and calls him a disease that will be eradicated at Extreme Rules.

TJP runs out from the crowd and attacks Aries from behind. They beat him down in the ring, with Neville locking in the Rings of Saturn as TJP kicks away at the injured knee. A heard of referees rush the ring to break things up, and finally get the champion to release his hold.

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live! What did you think of the show? Do you think Aries will finally topple Neville? Let us know in the comments and be sure to come back on Sunday night or Extreme Rules! Until then, safe travels!

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