Vince Russo Claims He Spoke with Vince McMahon Within the Past Week


While speaking to, former WWE creative writer, Vince Russo claimed that he has spoke to Vince McMahon within the last week.

“I’ve reached out to Vince McMahon in the last week,” Russo said. He continued, “I reached out to him and he got back to me.”

Russo has been vocal about today’s product on his podcast and mentioned that he’s still a wrestling fan at heart, but he hates today’s product.

“To me, it’s not professional wrestling. I don’t want to be the guy sitting here and critiquing the problem without saying ‘hey, here’s my olive branch, I want to help you, I think I can help you’ as the numbers continue to go down every week’ so I had to reach out.”

He said that he offered to contribute to the product and he characterized the talk as an exchange but did not elaborate.

“Bro, Vince never seems receptive. His response is always a couple of words. He’s the same guy who told me I don’t see why you don’t get a nanny to [take care] of your kids.”

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