E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap – Anatomy of A Match Feat. Shawn Michaels & Mick Foley: In Your House Mind Games 1996!

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Foley admits that there are a few things about the match that he wishes he could do over because he was starting to tire physically at the end of the lengthy bout. Towards the end of the contest he wishes he would have sold better, because he and Michaels were telling a great story.

Foley also says that some fans have criticized the fact that this match didn’t have a clean finish, but Foley doesn’t understand criticizing something that lasted 26 minutes because of the last 30 seconds. Michaels says that back in those days fans weren’t so desperate for clean finishes. WWE would often refrain form having a clean finish in a match if they were looking to keep both talents strong moving forward, as was the case here.

Michaels says that this was an important match for the ‘HeartBreak Kid’ character, who was always a pretty boy. This was a nard-nosed affair that required a different side of HBK, and he thinks this match added a new layer to his character.

Edge points out that when Michaels and Foley went through the announce table on the outside of the ring, they never took the monitors or anything off of the announce desk prior to the fall. This made it look as if the spot wasn’t supposed to happen, and added another layer of reality to the match. Foley says for safety reasons talent can’t do that anymore, and it’s probably better of because that really hurt.

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