E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap – Anatomy of A Match Feat. Shawn Michaels & Mick Foley: In Your House Mind Games 1996!

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Michaels was the WWE Champion at that time, and WWE officials approached him and Foley and told them they were going to be the main event that evening, and simply said ‘go draw the house’. It was really strange to not have a build up to a main event PPV match, but this clean slate allowed both competitors to approach this match differently than others.

Foley informs that he approached Michaels before the match and proposed a unique spot. Michaels had a reputation for being a control freak in the ring during his matches, and he would sometimes get upset if his opponent screwed up a certain spot. To play this up, Foley suggested that he intentionally screw up a spot which would lead to Michaels getting furious and viciously attacking Foley.

Michaels thought that idea was terrific right away, and they executed it in the match. To this day, fans and wrestlers alike ask Michaels if that spot was planned or if it was a legitimate botch. He says that spot was a hook, and it got people’s attention right away. In a world where every fan knows that wrestling is a work, that spot made people believe for just a few moments.

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