The Taz Show Recap – Aleister Black Impresses, Importance of Earning Opportunities, WWE Producing Too Many PPVs? More!

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Block 2:

Taz gets into his discussion of this week’s episode of NXT.

He says that he really liked the show’s new intro. He thought it flowed very well, and it’s a great way to open each episode of NXT.

Taz is very impressed by Aleister Black. He says that Black has terrific theme music, he looks youthful and fresh, and is more than capable of delivering in the ring as well. Taz thinks that WWE has an opportunity with Black to really push him a certain way because if they get it right with Black, they might have a legitimate money-making star on their hands.

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz if he thinks WWE would benefit from putting off less PPV events. Taz admits that less PPVs would probably be beneficial to WWE from a creative standpoint, but WWE is really focused on selling the WWE Network right now. Every PPV provides WWE with more content for fans who subscribe to the Network.

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