Superstars Who Could Benefit From A Heel Turn


Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose has been the least successful member of the Shield. This is in no small part to the booking of Ambrose which often leaves him looking more wacky than psychotic. Leading up to Wrestlemania 32 Ambrose was arguably the hottest babyface in the company, but has since fizzled out in terms of his performances and popularity. While still well liked by a lot of the younger audience, Ambrose is stale and needs a freshen up.

Ambrose is yet to have a heel run during his time as a singles performer and now is the time to pull that trigger. Ambrose has did absolutely nothing for the Intercontinental Championship and should lose it sooner than later. When he does drop the Championship he should live up to his moniker of lunatic and go insane on the babyfaces of RAW. Popping out of nowhere backstage and at the ring, Ambrose should leave no babyface untouched until someone like Seth Rollins steps in. 

Ambrose as a heel has a lot of potential and can allow him to grow and develop further as a character. Ambrose also would escape from the irrelevancy he is currently stuck in. 

Despite being the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz is the real star and should soon take the title off of Ambrose. This turn from Ambrose will also allow for new feuds and matches with Balor which will allow for Ambrose to show the in ring talent he does possess. He just needs to be matched with a performer of a higher caliber.

During his time with the Shield we saw Ambrose’s potential as a heel. WWE should help Ambrose’s career by allowing him to shine again as the bad guy. This would help Ambrose in so many ways. It will also help RAW as a whole by giving it another interesting, intriguing character to work with. Everyone benefits from an Ambrose heel turn and it may even be the key to fulfilling Ambrose’s full potential. 

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