Superstars Who Could Benefit From A Heel Turn


Randy Orton

Randy Orton is a boring wrestler. Orton’s insistence on riding the coattails of his status as a guaranteed Hall of Famer is his biggest downfall. The former ‘Legend Killer’ just does not seem to care most of the time. The annoying thing about Orton is that when he cares or is pushed hard he is a fantastic wrestler. Just look at his 2011 feud with Christian or ,more recently, his 6 month program with Bray Wyatt prior to Wrestlemania. As a face, Orton’s flaws are even more beaming as a face and in the coming months, Orton should make the transition into the sickening heel he formerly was.

Smackdown Live is currently missing a good crop of top tier heels to counter the main event caliber faces. Ziggler is a mid carder and that will not change. Baron Corbin is not yet the top heel he will one day be. Jinder Mahal, well, we will see how the new WWE Champion does. That leaves Kevin Owens as the only credible main event heel and he cannot take on all the babyfaces himself no matter how entertaining that would be. Smackdown Live needs a top tier heel and Randy Orton can fill that void.

Orton’s ever present frustrations can build and build until he just snaps as the ‘Viper’ used to do. Rather than the whiny heel version of Orton who relies on authority like we have seen in his latest heel run. 

Orton should take the approach of his 2000’s self and be an explosive, unpredictable, and narcissistic heat magnet. Viciously attacking the likes of Sami Zayn and AJ Styles while on a quest for his WWE Championship back. Reverting Orton back to his old ways will perhaps push Orton to try and better himself. 

Orton can benefit in a number of ways from turning heel. He will garner serious heat from the casual fans while perhaps regaining respect from the more hardcore viewers who are at this point sick of the ‘Apex Predator’. Orton can be an absolutely fantastic professional wrestler, but at this point he is stale and boring. Orton’s career needs a heel turn at this point and the fans need one from him.

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