Superstars Who Could Benefit From A Heel Turn


Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks at her best, is the best. Her run in NXT as the resident top woman heel was arguably the best in the brands history. Her mic skills coupled with her insane in ring ability made her a sight to behold. Sasha also flourished in her fantastic feud as a face with Charlotte Flair. Sasha’s in ring ability makes her one of the best, if not THE best wrestler in the women’s division.  

Despite her infinite ability and limitless potential Sasha has fallen to the wayside over the past 6 months. She has failed to garner the attention and booking she deserves. Sasha has been frequently outshined and booked behind Charlotte, Bayley and more recently Alexa Bliss. 

Sasha needs a freshen up. A heel turn is the perfect way to do this. The seeds are planted and it is now a wait for the inevitable. Sasha’s recent poor form, such as her losing clean to Alicia Fox, will act as a catalyst to this.

Sasha turning on her best friend Bayley, while predictable, is the best course of action for Sasha. The two women had the greatest feud and match in NXT history. On a grander stage, such as that of Summerslam, their already fantastic history will be incredibly improved between these two best friends. 

A heel turn will allow the ‘Legit Boss’ to reclaim her former spark which made her NXT’s absolute best. Following an undoubtedly awesome feud with Bayley, Sasha has a lot of options going forward. A heel turn for Sasha Banks will certainly put her back on top. 

Sasha is in need of a massive shakeup at this stage of her career or she risks falling into irrelevancy even further. Showing her NXT colors is the perfect way to put the Boss back on track.

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