Superstars Who Could Benefit From A Heel Turn

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There is currently a strange heel/face dynamic in WWE. The ‘faces’ often receive boo’s from the crowd while the heels receive cheers. This is a notion that a mere 25 years ago would have been unimaginable. It has mostly become a slow inclining trend since the nWo formed. 

Just look at Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman as perfect examples. Reigns is the company man, the superhero, the do-good ass kicker who fights for us getting booed out of arenas. While Strowman, the monster who wants to cause havoc and inflict pain while ruining lives and bullying the roster, receives love, support and praise from fans. 

Despite these blurred lines however, a well executed heel turn in WWE can be fantastic. For example, Seth Rollins turning on The Shield will stand the test of time for its flawless timing and execution. As well as creating excellent moments, a good heel turn can lead to a career resurgence. Look at The New Day, their heel turn gave way to one of WWE’s most entertaining stables of all time.

Simply put, heel turns can make and also define careers. With so many stars in WWE needing a kickstart for their careers, a heel turn may be the answer. With that being said, this list looks at 4 WWE stars who could benefit from a heel turn in the upcoming months.

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