Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Meltzer’s Strange Obsession, Owen Hart’s Mindset After the Montreal Screwjob, Bray Wyatt’s Promos, More!

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Also this week, Pat McNeil from PWTorch said that Finn Balor deserves to be in the mix for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title, because Balor never lost the Title to begin with. Russo says that if this was coming out of the mouth of a 12 year old it would be okay, but from a grown adult this is hilarious. These guys have convinced themselves that wrestling is real, and since Balor didn’t legitimately get beaten to lose his Title, he deserves a chance to win it back.

A fan asked Dave Shearer about Owen Hart’s thoughts of staying in WWE after the Montreal Screwjob and his brother’s departure for WCW. Shearer says that Hart was not happy about it at all, but his contract forced him to stay working for WWE. In Russo’s opinion, this is another example of a dirt sheet writer speaking out of their ass and telling their paying customers complete lies.

Russo says that he spoke with Owen Hart only a couple of days after the Montreal Screwjob, and Russo knows exactly how Hart felt about the entire situation. He says that Hart did some of the best work of his WWE career after this incident, and if Hart was that distraught, he would have never been able to accomplish these types of things.

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