Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Meltzer’s Strange Obsession, Owen Hart’s Mindset After the Montreal Screwjob, Bray Wyatt’s Promos, More!

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Lane plays a clip of Meltzer discussing the fact that today’s Cruiserweight division is consistently having good matches but they aren’t getting reactions from the audience. He says that WCW’s cruiserweight division in the 90s got reactions simply because it was easier to get reactions back in those days. Russo says that this is simply another excuse from the super-fan Dave Meltzer. The audience doesn’t react to the cruiserweight matches because they just don’t care about them.

Meltzer also tweeted out this week that Russo’s understanding of the in-ring portion of professional wrestling is 1/100th of his own. Russo says that he has never claimed to be a professional wrestler and he never will. He points out that unless you’ve stepped foot into a wrestling ring and had a match, you have no right to say you have an understanding of that part of the business.

Russo is starting to believe that Meltzer is obsessed with him and has a man-crush on him. What Meltzer doesn’t understand, is that every time he brings up Russo’s name he’s putting him over. He’s basically admitting that Russo is still more relevant than him. Russo knows that Meltzer’s subscriptions are decreasing and he’s struggling financially, but this is getting silly.

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