Former WWE Superstar Shelly Martinez announced on YouTube that she will be retiring from professional wrestling after this year.

“I’ve slowed down a lot but I haven’t retired yet but based on me just keep trying to make freaking wrestling work..”

She continued, “The time has definitely come and one of the signs that I know that wrestling is done for me is a couple. I’ve been having a real hard time these last couple of months and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ has been promoted and now is out. For those of you that know that me and Dave Bautista got in a fight backstage, that’s how I got fired – so it’s been interesting for me to drive around town and I see Dave Batista’s face everywhere.”

“There’s a lot of healing that I did through all of that but I was finding myself getting depressed. I would wonder why am I depressed and I would backtrack my day and a lot of times it was triggered by Batista.”


She then said that if she didn’t get fired then she probably wouldn’t live where she lives now and she probably wouldn’t have met her boyfriend if she had stayed with WWE. She said she is thankful for what she has now but she is “tired of the BS and I’m tired of the fake and phoniness” from the wrestling business.

Steve Carrier

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