Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Dave Meltzer in the Guinness Book of World Records, Asuka Compared to Goldberg, How Much Did Russo Make Writing for WCW? More!

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PWTorch’s Pat McNeil also said that he thought this past Monday’s RAW was good, and Russo doesn’t understand that at all. If these guys thought that show was good, Russo wonders what it would take for them to actually dislike a show.

Another clip from PWTorch’s show presents the host saying that Vince McMahon and WWE obviously doesn’t consider Cesaro a main-eventer, and perhaps Cesaro’s traps aren’t big enough for McMahon. Russo points out that WWE is a business, and McMahon likes whoever can make him money. It’s not about who’s the best in-ring worker, it’s about who can make money and these ‘marks’ can’t understand that.

Lane next presents a clip of Wade Keller saying that WWE developed a lot of bad booking habits during the attitude era, and he says that it’s impossible to survive long-term while booking on a week to week basis.

Russo says that their philosophy during that time, was that RAW was a weekly television show and they were going to try to put on the best possible show on that night. The following week they’d try to do the same thing. He says that their run of success wasn’t a month or two, they had three years of success with this philosophy.

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