The Taz Show Recap – UK Shows vs. USA Shows, Great Balls of Fire, Gallagher’s Headbutt, More!

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Block 4:

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz why he thinks WWE decided to name their new PPV ‘Great Balls of Fire’, rather than resurrecting the ‘Bad Blood’ PPV as was rumoured. Taz has no idea why WWE made that choice and he points out that people (himself included) have been very critical about the ‘Great Balls of Fire’ Title.

However, in a few years time people will have forgotten all about these criticisms in Taz’s opinion because WWE’s marketing and promotion is so good. He adds that there is no better company in terms of marketing and promotion than the WWE, and he learned that firsthand when he went to work for TNA.

Another listener calls into the show and informs that NJPW star Shibata has partial paralysis in his face due to a headbutt he threw in a recent match. The caller asks Taz if he considers Jack Gallagher’s headbutt to be potentially dangerous as well.

Taz says that Gallagher really has that headbutt mastered because he’s throwing it safely, but it looks great as well. Taz has been the recipient of a shoot headbutt in the past, and it’s hard to stand back up after taking one of those.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya on Monday for another recap!

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