The Ross Report Recap w/ Patrick LaPrade – Ross’ Next WWE Gig, Women’s Wrestling, Will Women Main Event WrestleMania? More!

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Ross says that he actually has the movie rights to this story, and there are talks of making a feature film about this. It’s an incredible story filled with drama and intrigue, and he thinks it would make a terrific film.

LaPrade informs that by the mid-fifties Wolfe and Mildred’s issues with one another had cost them both a lot of money and despite all the success they had in the wrestling business, they were both struggling financially by the end of their runs. From there, Fabulous Moolah came onto the scene and she was the new resident hero of women’s wrestling. Mildred Burke would be basically erased from the history of women’s wrestling.

LaPrade points out that Moolah and Mae Young met each other during this period and their friendship stood the test of time. These two women were exposed to an entirely new generation of fans during WWE’s attitude era, and this led to them earning the distinction of ‘Godmothers of women’s wrestling’.

A lot of fans believe that women’s wrestling started with Moohlah and Mae Young, when in reality Mildred Burke was the real initial women’s star. Ross points out that there’s an argument to be made that Mildred was such a big star, that the wrestling business struggled to replace her for the decades to come. LaPrade agrees informing that Mildred was on the cover of National magazines and her popularity was unquestioned.

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