The Ross Report Recap w/ Patrick LaPrade – Ross’ Next WWE Gig, Women’s Wrestling, Will Women Main Event WrestleMania? More!

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He says it’s the first time that this story has been told, and he’s very proud of the work he did on this book. It’s over 400 pages and contains over 200 pictures.

His story breaks right out of the gate speaking about Billy Wolfe, a former wrestler turned promoter who was a ‘terrible human being’. Wolfe has a precarious reputation of someone who bribed hopeful female wrestlers with opportunities in the business in return for sex. In interviews, he would straight up ask recruits if they would sleep with him and if they refused, he’d tell them that they don’t have a chance in the wrestling business.

LaPrade understands why some single mothers would choose to sleep with Wolfe in return for opportunities in the business, because it was an opportunity to escape from their regular lives. Ross says in spite of Wolfe’s questionable antics, there’s no denying that he was a good promoter and his wife Mildred Burke, was the promotion’s money-maker.

Mildred was the World Champion, and Ross compares her impact at that time to Hulk Hogan’s impact on WWE in the 1980s. Mildred soon began sleeping with Wolfe’s son (her step-son) and this eventually angered Wolfe. He wanted to get the Championship off of his wife so he could stop booking her, and eventually he succeeded in this and put the Title on another of his mistresses.

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