WWE Misses Opportunity Monday Night with The Golden Truth


I am forced to admit that it was for a good cause. WWE sacrificed R-Truth and Goldust onto the altar of Sheamus and Cesaro. Why? To get them some much needed heel heat. At least five other people were hoping, praying, that Golden Truth would somehow steal a win. Alas, Sheamus and Cesaro stood tall at the end. All because we won’t boo the people we’re supposed to.

This is all for Cesaro, though. We will boo the hell out of Sheamus. I mean, people booed Sheamus instead of Roman Reigns. I’m assuming that they had Sheamus win Money in the Bank in 2015 so that he would get the heat instead of Reigns. We love to boo Sheamus. Not Cesaro, though.

We’re not going to boo Cesaro. Not even whenever he murders a promo (that’s an exaggeration, but he’s certainly not CM Punk or even Goldust on the mic.). We have spent a good portion of our time cheering for Cesaro. Why? His skill and inherent likability makes us want to root for the guy. We’ve clamored for his big break for so long. We want him to succeed. Now some people will do exactly that. The price of heel heat was R-Truth and Goldust’s (presumably) last chance. I’m forced to say  that it was for a good cause.

Did it have to end this way? Maybe the Golden Truth could have stolen a win here. I didn’t want it to end this way. It shouldn’t have ended this way.