Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap w/ DDP – Financial Risk of Starting DDP Yoga, Keeping a Positive Mindset, More!

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Russo recalls DDP calling him in 2000 and asking to meet him after work to have a discussion about an idea he had. Russo remembers being tired at the time and not wanting to go meet DDP, but he couldn’t say no to his old friend. They met up, and at that meeting 17 years ago DDP laid out his plans for DDP Yoga. All these years later, DDP has accomplished everything he laid out to Russo that day.

Russo admits that he has been dealing with depression the majority of his adult life. He refuses to take medication because he has seen too many professional wrestlers go down a dangerous path when they began taking medication. DDP says that everyone will deal with some form of depression at some point in their life. In his opinion, the key thing is how you handle that moment of doubt and depression.

DDP says that you can change your mental and emotional state in an instant. The first thing you have to do is change your physiology. Stop slouching and frowning, pop your shoulders back, open your arms and lift your head. You will automatically begin to feel better about yourself. Secondly, what are you focusing on? If you wake up in the morning thinking that it’s going to be the worst day ever, it probably will be. Change that mindset.

DDP mentions that the perfect example of this is the great Muhammad Ali. For years Ali traveled the world saying, “I’m the greatest” and people laughed at him and buried him. Eventually Ali’s mindset translated into wins in the ring, and soon everyone around the world began to believe Ali’s words. All of a sudden, his words were truths, and he was indeed the greatest in the world.

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