WWE RAW Spoilers – May 8th, 2017


* Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe. Joe spends a portion of the match going after Rollin’s bad knee. The match is thrown out after Samoe Joe removes the turnbuckle and throws Rollins into it. Rollins wins by DQ. After the match, Joe runs him into it again and puts him in the Coquina Clutch. When he finally releases the hold he tells Rollins it’s not over yet.

* TJP vs. Jack Gallagher. Neville is at ringside. TJP got the pinfall victory when he used the tights to his advantage. TJP attacks Gallagher after the match. Austin Aries comes out for the save.

* Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox. Sasha Banks got the pinfall victory. Replay is shown where Fox didn’t have her shoulders down.

* Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose. The Miz was on commentary for the match. There was a spot where Bray suplexes Ambrose from the ring apron to the floor. Dean does a spot where he does his elbow drop to the outside of the ring to connect with Bray. The Miz says he’s going to get a closer look at the match and heads down to ringside. While the action is going on in the ring, The Miz walks around holding Ambrose’s title. Dean drives to the outside and takes out The Miz. Bray comes out and catches up with Dean and the two exchange blows on the outside of the ring. When the ref isn’t looking, The Miz blasts Ambrose with the title belt outside the ring. Bray rolls him back into the ring and gets a two count. Bray connects with Sister Abigail afterwards for the victory. The Miz gets on the mic and announces Bray as the winner of the bout before he unleashes an attack on Ambrose. Miz gets back on the mic and cuts a promo about how he will be Intercontinental Champion again next week. This concludes the tapings.

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