Top 5 WWE Superstars With A Photo Scandal

Lately in the news, we have seen several superstars have their personal videos and photos hacked, then released to the public.  The following superstars had no intentions of having their personal photos and videos displayed for the world to see.  Some were the victim of anonymous hackers.  Some were victims of vengeful Ex’s.  Here are the Top 5 WWE superstars involved with a photo scandal.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk hogan made headlines back in 2012 for allegedly having an affair with his former best friend’s ( DJ “Bubba The Love Sponge” Clem) wife.  After video of the two went viral, Hulk appeared on the day time TV talk show, The View, and answered a few questions.  He was quoted as to saying the following, “I’ve got a ton of regrets about it. It’s the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life,” said Hogan.  Hogan later sued the gossip site that posted his videos for 92 million.  They eventually settled for 28 million after the site was bankrupted.  Unfortunately for the Hulkester, the video also had him saying several racial slurs causing even more controversy.  As a result of even more heat, the WWE eventually fired the Immortal one.

Seth Rollins & Zhara Schreiber

Early in 2016, nude photos appeared all over the internet of former WWE Champion, Seth Rollins and NXT superstar Zhara Schreiber.  Rollins fiance at the time, Leighla Schultz, posted them all over social media sites after she discovered that he had cheated on her with Schreiber.  This was just a few months prior to his biggest career push yet.  He delivered a heart felt apology to his fans and was able to escape the scandal before it blew up in his face.

Paige & Xavier Woods

Earlier this year, former WWE Womens Champion Paige, had her personal photos and videos hacked and sent out for all of the world to see.  Paige’s photos were just meant for her ex, Brad Maddox, one video included a threesome with The New Day member Xavier Woods, and one very controversial picture involving a sexual act on top of a WWE championship belt.  The WWE had no intentions of punishing either superstar since they were leaked without their knowledge.  Paige’s fiance, former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, made a very bold statement against the WWE, claiming that it was them hacked her phone and released her videos and photos.  Other sources have said that the WWE has no future plans for Paige.  We are still not sure whether its because of the photos, her suspensions, or Del Rio’s actions against the WWE.

Alexa Bliss

Shortly after the photo leaks from Paige, current Raw Womens champion Alexa Bliss, fell victim of similar photo leaks.  After her photos became public, Bliss came out and said that these were “bogus” and “Photoshoped” pictures of her.  Bliss who is only 25 is on a pretty big push for her career.  It was a good thing these were not real photos because that unfortunately could have impacted  her future with the WWE.


Charlotte, sadly has been our most recent current WWE superstar to have her photos leaked.  It looks like her photos (much like the other superstars) were just meant for someone privately.  When Charlotte became aware of the leak, she demanded on twitter that the photos be taken down immediatley.  She made a pretty big impact with fans inregards to the leak.  Fans started tweeting with the hashtag #IStandWithCharlotte.  Its safe to say she hasnt lost any fan support.


Whats next?

Other superstars, former and current are coming out and addressing rumors that they could be next to be hacked.  That leaves the fans wondering which of their favorite superstars are next.  Are they just targeting the female superstars or everyone?  I know we all hope Charlotte is the last one, but unfortunately we wont know until it happens again.


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