X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ John Morrison – X-Pac’s Weekend Arrest, Shooting Backstage Fights, Return to WWE, More!

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X-Pac welcomes John Morrison to the show.

Morrison says that he’s been relatively lucky throughout his career to have avoided major injuries. Other than his neck injury which required surgery in 2011, he has only suffered minor injuries to his ankles and knee. He says that his injuries have never come as a result of performing ‘risky’ moves, rather they always occurred when he was tired or lazy while executing routine moves in the ring.

Morrison mentions that his newest movie, Boone: The Bounty Hunter, which he also wrote and produced is about to debut. He has been working on it for the last four years and even re-mortgaged his house in order to finance the project. He says that he had to go all in to make it happen and he doesn’t regret doing so because without doing that, he’d have a house but he wouldn’t have a movie.

Morrison mentions that filming action sequences for film helps him with backstage wrestling segments and vice versa. X-Pac says that while working for WWE he’d have to shoot some backstage fights multiple times and that was always an annoyance. He adds that sometimes the talents would refuse to re-shoot a backstage fight because they gave 100% the first time, and anything after that wasn’t as natural.

Morrison informs that all the backstage stuff for Lucha Underground is pre-taped and re-takes are sometimes required. Their in-ring action is all recorded live, with 5 episodes recorded per weekend live in front of a live crowd with no re-tapes.

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