WWE 205 Live Results – May 2 2017

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205 Live opens with a look back at what TJP did last night. After taking some stern words from Neville, Perkins tried to destroy the knee of Austin Aries.

TJP, as he is now officially known, makes his way to the ring to start the show.

TJP Vs. Lince Dorado

The two circle each other to start the affair. They exchange some quick reversals before separating and TJP dabs to a chorus of boos. Dorado catches TJP with an arm drag then does a dab of his own.

Dorado hits a few quick kicks, ducks a clothesline, then catches Perkins with a nice headscissors takedown before kipping back up. TJP rolls from the ring and Dorado looks to fly out onto him but TJP walks off. Dorado climbs onto the apron and kicks Perkins away, then lands an Asai moonsault.

Dorado unleashes some punches to TJP in the corner but Perkins responds by yanking his leg and causing him to fall face-first onto the top turnbuckle. TJP kicks Dorado in the corner. Perkins applies a rear chinlock, which Dorado quickly fights out of, only to be caught with a back body drop from TJP. Perkins lifts Dorado onto the top rope and climbs up behind him, trying to remove the mask! Dorado elbows him away, then flips backwards and knee’s TJP in the back. I think it was supposed to be a double stomp to the back but he missed.

Dorado catches Perkins with a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker, then takes to the top rope and lands a nice crossbody for a near-fall. Dorado looks for a springboard stunner but TJP ducks it and hits a spinning back elbow. Both men are down. Dorado goes to the top rope again and jumps off for a sunset flip powerbomb pin but Perkins again grabs the mask, forcing Dorado to break the pin. TJP grabs Dorado with the Kneebar and he’s forced to tap out!

Winner: TJP

TJP holds onto the kneebar for a few moments before releasing and celebrating his hard-fought win.

We see a sit-down interview between Corey Graves and Brian Kendrick. Graves asks Kendrick why things have gotten so heated between him and Akira Tozawa. Kendrick says it is because he feels insulted. This started a long time ago; they former a relationship in Japan and when he came here, he wanted Tozawa to be his protege. It insulted him that Tozawa refused his offer, he thinks he knows everything. He says he decided to teach Tozawa his lessons whether he wanted them or not. Graves says some think that was very magnanimous of him, to which Kendrick says he likes to think so. Others say it backfired and Kendrick agrees. Brian says Tozawa has focuses on screaming at the crowd, and they scream back. He says he is done playing with Akira Tozawa, and just then the man himself kicks Kendrick off of his chair! Tozawa sits down in the chair, smiling, and says:

Mustafa Ali Vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak is out with his no fly zone protest sign, and claims he will make an example out of Ali. Gulak immediately takes it to the mat, looking to prove his point against the high-flyer. Ali escapes, but Gulak starts kicking him and talks trash to him before whipping him into the corner.

Ali picks up the pace, hits a hurricanrana and then heads up top and Gulak heads to the apron. They trade punches, Ali pulls off an impressive reversal but Gulak almost decapitates him with a lariat. Gulak then locks in a camel clutch variation, continuing to ground Ali. Ali escapes with strikes, starts to pick up some momentum and follows with the dropkick. Ali then hits the head kick, the rolling neck breaker follows and he heads up top.

Gulak grabs at his foot to stop him, pulls him back down and Ali lays him out with a strike. Ali up top and looks for a frog splash but just finds the knees of Drew, and Gulak rolls him up for the win!

Winner: Drew Gulak

Post match, Gulak says that this was vindication for his campaign, because high flying doesn’t work. He blames the fans for encouraging Ali, his way works and he proved why he is the future of 205 Live.

We get treated to a video package that highlights the relationship that was between Alicia Fox and Noam Dar, and how it crashed and burned.

Noam Dar Vs. Rich Swann

Swann takes control early, grounding Dar with a side headlock. Dar responds by attacking the leg and looks for a kneebar, but Swann counters and goes back to the side headlock.

Dar fights out of the headlock but Swann catches him with a dropkick and then goes back to the side headlock. Dar finally escapes by lifting Swann and dropping him crotch-first on the ropes. Dar follows-up with a clothesline that sends Swann to the floor. Dar then takes control on the floor, rolls Swann back in and then lays in some kicks. Dar attacks the back with kicks and uppercuts before sending him to the corner.

Swann tries to fire back with chops to the chest, but Dar attacks the knee and then follows with a butterfly suplex for a two count. Dar takes a note from Swann’s book and tries to ground Rich with a side headlock. Dar slowly works some strikes, but misses the running kick, allowing Swann to fire-up with clotheslines and rights. Swann takes to the apron but Dar trips him up with a soccer kick to the knee. Dar follows him outside and they brawl back and forth, Dar attacks the arm and they both roll back in. Corey Graves reckons Swann dislocated his elbow and it poppoed back in. Swann tosses Dar back to the floor and wipes him out with a dive.

Rich sets Dar on the barricade and, in a shout-out to RVD, hits a leg drop on Dar. Back in the ring, Swann heads up top, and looks for the Phoenix splash, but Noam kicks out as Swann was slow to cover due to selling the arm. Dar then attacks the arm in the ropes, but walks into a head kick; Swann rolls him up for near-fall.

Dar catches Swann out of the air and works the arm bar, but Swann fights and makes the ropes. Dar back to the arm, but Swann avoids, hits another head kick and heads up top. Dar kicks out the leg and then lays the boots to Swann, focusing on the arm. Dar then hits the running kick to the face and picks up the win.

Winner: Noam Dar

After the match, Alicia Fox comes down to the ring. She wants Dar back but he isn’t sure. The fans boo and tell Dar not to do it but he ignores them and hugs her. Dar jumps onto Alicia and the happy couple celebrate to end the show!

What did you think of tonight’s 205 Live! Let us know in the comments and be sure to come back here next Monday night for more Raw! Until then, safe travels!

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