Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Payback Analysis, Main Event Delivers, Why Does Mahal Need A Turban? More!


On today’s show Russo will break down Sunday’s Payback PPV.

Speaking about the Cruiserweight Title match between Austin Aries and Neville, Russo wonders why heels call still get disqualified and hold onto their Championships. He has no idea why this is still a rule in 2017 because the logic behind it doesn’t make sense. If Neville is a heel who only cares about retaining his Title, why didn’t he get himself disqualified at the beginning of the match?

Russo admits that he fell asleep during the Tag Team Title match between The Hardy Boyz and Sheamus & Cesaro. He says that these two teams have been wrestling each other on television every week for a month now, so this was nothing new or exciting. He wonders if Sheamus and Cesaro’s heel turn at the conclusion of this match was the final straw that will finally ‘break’ the Hardys.

Russo is concerned that even if WWE does ‘break’ the Hardys, they will not be anything like fans remember from TNA. He says that Vince McMahon will not understand that gimmick and when he doesn’t understand something, he immediately wants to change it. Russo fears the gimmick will end up getting watered down in WWE.

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