The Taz Show Recap – Payback Analysis, House of Horrors Match, Reigns Still Failing as A Babyface, More!

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Block 3:

A listener calls into the show and says that in his opinion, the top of the card is consistently booked the same way by WWE while the undercard is booked better. The caller continued by saying that the Women’s Title match was very well done and both ladies worked very stiff. Taz agrees saying from a physical standpoint, Bliss and Bayley probably had his favourite match on the card.

Taz felt that we should have saw more of the RAW General Manager Kurt Angle on the show Sunday night. Something as simple as Angle coming out to introduce the live crowd and viewers at home to the show would have worked in Taz’s opinion.

Taz thought Austin Aries and Neville had a great match but although the finish was clever, he thought they could have went a different route in this case. He believes that although Neville has been a great Champion, Aries needs the Cruiserweight Title right now. From a business perspective, he thinks Aries as Champion is a smart decision as well.

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