WWE Monday Night Raw Results – May 1 2017

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Up next we will get medical updates for Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns!

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the RAW General Manager comes out mouthing, “Thank you,” while the crowd chants, “You suck.” JoJo called him “Carter” Angle. Angle says last night at Payback, the match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman had to be the most physical match he’s ever seen. A match like that has consequences. Reigns re-injured his ribs and has other injuries, and Braun Strowman tore his rotator cuff. Both men say they’re not done with each other. As RAW General Manager, it’s up to him to look out for them and the WWE Universe. He’s talked with officials all day long to see how to deal with this.

Bray Wyatt’s video flashes on the screen, and he comes out to interrupt Angle. Wyatt asks Angle to forgive him, but they haven’t had the pleasure of being properly introduced. Wyatt says, “My name is Bray Wyatt.” They shake hands. Wyatt says he understands Angle’s apprehension, but he means Angle no harm. Wyatt is here tonight as the savior. Last night, he closed the chapter of Randy Orton. Orton will forever be trapped inside his House of Horrors as he burns for his sins. With those ashes, he has begun to write something brand new right here on Monday Night RAW. Wyatt says he is reborn, rising from the hell of his own creation like an angel with burnt wings.

Bray says he can hear the cries for salvation and knows what each and every one of them need. Wyatt can fix them. There’s an evil all around infecting with a poison you cannot feel. Wyatt says, “You need me, Mr. Angle!” What he needs to know from Angle is if he’s going to allow him to do his work. Will Angle let him work or stand in his way? Angle says he doesn’t know what Wyatt has planned, but he needs to remember that this is his show. Wyatt laughs heartily and says it may be his show, but he needs Angle to understand that this is his world. The video flashes, and the segment is over.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage Dean Ambrose interviews Seth Rollins and asks him if he can take the championship away from Dean Ambrose. Rollins says he’s beaten Ambrose before, to which Ambrose says Rollins should know how far he’d go to keep the title. Rollins says maybe Ambrose will be surprised. Ambrose says he won’t be surprised again and throws it back to “Gorilla.”

T.J Perkins Vs. Austin Aries

They’re calling TJ Perkins, “TJP” from now on. It’s on the name card, so that’s that. Aries takes him down and punches away at him in the corner. Aries has a whip reversed, but he slingshots over him and elbows him. Aries then drives him headfirst into the corner. Aries punches him in the midsection, but TJP reverses him and drives a shoulder into the midsection.

Aries quickly comes back with a vicious kick to the skull. TJP begs him off, but Aries soon comes back with a neckbreaker off the middle rope. Neville is seen watching backstage. Aries hits Perkins with a missile dropkick and goes for the Last Chancery, but TJP fights out. Aries takes him down and goes to the top rope, but TJP attacks and puts him in the tree of woe. Perkins works on the leg and dropkicks the knee.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Perkins applying a butterfly lock. Aries fights out with an inverted atomic drop, but TJP quickly comes back with a springboard cross-body block. TJP kips up and stomps the knee in the corner. Aries punches him back to the corner. Booker T is talking about how he doesn’t like guys like Rich Swann who smile too much. Aries knee gives out and he collapses to the mat. TJP picks him up, and Aries drives him into the corner before collapsing. Aries goes for a shoulder thrust, but Perkins gets out of the way. Aries hits the ring post shoulder-first. Perkins then applies a single leg crab from the top rope.

TJ goes to slam the leg off the ring post, but Aries pulls him face-first into the ring post. Aries hops around on one leg before hitting a suicide dive. Neville is shown backstage shaking his head in frustration. Aries gets him in the ring and starts viciously chopping the chest before hitting a gutbuster, an STO, and a pendulum elbow. Aries hits a snapmare and goes to the second rope for a diving back elbow for a near fall. Perkins counters a move and takes him down with some rapid strikes. Aries comes back with a shin-breaker and a slam. Perkins soon fights back, but Aries counters with the Last Chancery for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Perkins chop blocks the knee and viciously attacks it. TJP hits a leg breaker and applies a knee bar. Aries screams in pain while the referee tries to pull TJ off Aries. Perkins eventually releases the hold and walks off with a confident smirk. Perkins dabs to annoy the fans even further.

Finn Balor is seen walking backstage when “Mean” Dean Ambrose stops him. Ambrose says this is his biggest match since his return. Ambrose asks if he’s nervous. Bálor says he eats nerves. Bálor says he’ll take the Intercontinental Championship from him. Ambrose hands him a doughnut and tells him to eat a carb. Bálor takes a bite and walks off. “The Drifter” walks up playing the guitar. Ambrose asks if he plays any Pearl Jam, but he doesn’t respond and keeps walking.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage we see Goldust and R-Truth speaking to Angle, who tells them that they’re win/loss record doesn’t justify a title shot. The Due then tell the GM hat they need this shot as they have been inspired by him. Angle compromises and says that there will be a match next week to determine the #1 contender.

Triple Threat Number One Contender’s Match
Finn Balor Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. The Miz

The bell rings, and The Miz quickly gets out of the ring. Miz wants to watch Rollins and Bálor fight. They lock up, and Rollins wrenches the arm. Bálor transitions to a hammerlock and rolls him up for a one count. Miz gets on the apron, but quickly backs away. They lock up, and Bálor applies a side headlock. Bálor takes him down, but Rollins gets out. Miz starts to get in, but he thinks better of it once again. Rollins asks him if he’s in or out. Miz backs away with his hands up.

Rollins and Bálor circle the ring, and Miz goes to grab Bálor’s feet. Miz quickly scurries away. Rollins and Bálor look at each other before getting out of the ring on opposite sides and trapping Miz. Miz gets in the ring and runs off. Miz runs around ringside before getting in the ring only to find himself in front of Bálor with Rollins behind him. Miz tries to negotiate his way out of it and goes for a handshake deal with both men, but they both turn him down. Miz tries to cheap shot Bálor, but Bálor punches and kicks him.

Rollins takes him down, and Bálor throws Miz out of the ring. Rollins rolls Bálor up and gets a two count. The kick out knocks Rollins into Miz. They hit Miz a few more times before Bálor dropkicks Rollins. Bálor drives Rollins into the corner and punches him. Rollins reverses a whip, but Bálor avoids him. Bálor kicks Rollins back, and Miz pulls him down off the apron. Miz gets on the apron, but Rollins dropkicks him to the floor. Rollins gets a head of steam for a plancha, but Maryse stands in front of Miz. Bálor goes to attack, but Miz throws Maryse in front of that as well. Finally, Rollins hits Miz with a plancha.

Rollins and Bálor put Miz in the ring, and Rollins throws Bálor out. Rollins goes for a move, but Bálor pulls him back. Miz tries to attack Bálor, but Rollins pulls him away. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Miz throws him off to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Miz taking Bálor down with a chin lock. During the commercial, they took each other out with a triple clothesline. Bálor fights up and punches out. Miz reverse a whip and turns him inside out with a knee to the midsection. Miz gears up in the corner, but Bálor boots him and hits some clotheslines before hitting a low dropkick. Rollins then takes Bálor out with a springboard cross-body that spikes him on his head! Miz avoids an avalanche and rolls Rollins up.

Miz then sends him into the ring post shoulder-first. Miz starts hitting the Daniel Bryan dropkicks in the corner before hitting his patented clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope and hits a double axe handle for a near fall. Miz works on Rollins before sending him into Bálor, who just got on the apron. Miz starts stomping both men before doing the Daniel Bryan kicks to their chests. Bálor ducks a big kick and sends him into Rollins. Bálor then dropkicks Rollins, who in turn hits Miz with a DDT.

Bálor gets to his feet, and the crowd starts chanting, “This is awesome.” Bálor starts chopping away at both guys before Miz reverses a whip. Bálor slingshots over him and chops Miz. Miz goes to the top rope, but Bálor kicks him in the head to send him to ringside. Bálor then clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. Bálor gets on the apron and kills Miz with a running kick to the face. Bálor then runs around ringside and dropkicks Rollins into the barricade. Bálor gets Rollins in the ring and hits the 1916, but Miz breaks up the pin.

Miz tries for a Skull Crushing Finale on Bálor, but he fights out. Bálor then sends Miz out of the ring. Rollins elbows Bálor back, but Bálor soon drops him with the Sling Blade. Bálor sets up in the corner, but Miz sweeps the feet and pulls him groin first into the ring post. Rollins counters the Skull Crushing Finale into a roll-up for a near fall. Miz immediately dropkicks the bad knee before giving him a vicious kneeling DDT for a near fall. Michael Cole exclaims, “What a sequence!” Miz works over Rollins’ knee and applies the Figure Four Leglock. Bálor breaks it up with a running boot to the face.

The crowd loudly chants, “This is awesome.” Bálor forearms away at Miz before Rollins hits him with a pelé kick. Bálor then kicks Rollins, but Rollins comes right back with a superkick for a near fall. Rollins cannot believe it. All three men are down. Bálor and Rollins struggle up to their feet. Rollins hits a running forearm in the corner before catching Miz with a reverse STO into the turnbuckle. Rollins goes to the top rope and hits a double blockbuster on Bálor and Miz.

Rollins hits Bálor with a frog splash for a near fall! Rollins pulls Bálor up and throws him out of the ring. Rollins then catches Miz on the top rope and hits a superplex. Rollins immediately rolls through and follows up with a falcon’s arrow for a near fall! The crowd is on their feet. Rollins takes out Bálor with a suicide dive, gets back in the ring, and hits Miz with a suicide dive! Samoa Joe all of a sudden comes through the crowd and hits Rollins with a uranage on the floor!

Miz is stunned and turns into a Sling Blade from Bálor. Bálor follows up with a vicious dropkick into the corner. Bálor goes to the top rope, and Bray Wyatt’s video flashes on the screen. The lights go out. When they come back on, Wyatt pushes Bálor off the top rope and hits him with Sister Abigail! The lights go out, and Wyatt is gone! Miz crawls over to Bálor and covers him to become the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship!

Winner: The Miz

That’s it for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw! What do you think of that finish? Let us know in the comments and be sure to come back here tomorrow for SmackDown Live and 205 Live! Until then, safe travels!

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